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Random Thoughts (Because I Haven’t Posted In A While)

Phriendly Phoenix The Waste Management Phoenix Open hosted by the Thunderbirds was fun, wasn’t it? Oh, you didn’t see it because you needed to have your TV tuned to the Super Bowl to make sure you didn’t miss Lady Gaga? … Continue reading

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Matsuyama Bests Fowler In PHX Playoff – Still Better Than Listening To Cold Play

I Can Eat A Sandwich During The Pause At The Top Of His Swing Hideki Matsuyama is a damn fine player on the PGA Tour. He plays with power, touch, grace, and a level of skill 99.9 percent of golfers will … Continue reading

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Cupcakes For Koepka: Final Thoughts On Phoenix Open

Nice Playing, Cupcake I couldn’t make it to Saturday at the Waste Management Open in person, so I did the next best thing. I drank beer in my lazy boy and tweeted about it. Several of my tweets lamented CBS’ … Continue reading

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Trunk Slam’n: Tiger And Bitch Tits Headed Home From Phoenix

Tiger Couldn’t Chip A Tooth Right Now Well, of course he could/did. But anything else involving a chip, pitch, or lob is not in his vocabulary right now. What I’m referring to is Tiger’s 73-82 scores of the first two rounds … Continue reading

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Hump Day Musings: Media Day Edition

Saber Tooth Tiger Tiger Fucking Woods came to Scottsdale this week to see what the party was all about. Of course he’ll also play golf and attend the Super Bowl, but before any of that can happen he had to … Continue reading

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The Fun Police And Other Random Shit: Hump Day Musings

No Phun Phor Phoenix The Twitterverse erupted yesterday afternoon when news from the Waste Management Open, or the Phoenix Open, began to go viral. The Tour made the announcement that they would not allow the players to throw swag into … Continue reading

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Son Of The Walrus Wins – Goo Goo G’ Joob: Final Thoughts On Phoenix Open

He Putts Like Eats Kevin Stadler has played some 239 PGA Tour events before this week and he’s never won. That stat of course changed when Walrus Jr. survived the final round beating playing companion Bubba Watson by a shot … Continue reading

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