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It Isn’t the Ball

A ≠ C But A+B+Dx5 Does = C Did I lose you already? Good. Hang in there. Ok, so I haven’t posted in 3 months and you’re wondering what has drawn me out of my cave of hibernation to do so … Continue reading

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Nit Twits – Who Blocked Me And Why

Cock Blockers I haven’t sat down and written a post in some time, nearly a month. Life happens. And I warned you that I’d have to dial it down this year because of the whole life balance thing. But in … Continue reading

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Tiger The Mac Daddy Santa

A ShutFace Christmas Tradition Death, taxes, and a ShutFaceGolf.com Xmas post. Those are certainties of life since this blog was started nearly four years ago. Last year I gave you ‘ShutFace Clause Coming to Town’. In 2014, ‘O’Twitter Feed’ was … Continue reading

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Norman Out/Zinger In And More Hump Day Musings

Pull Your Norman Out And Put Your Zinger In That sounds like a bad euphemism that your grandpa would use at a 1950s orgy. It is also exactly what Fox Sports plans to do with their coverage of USGA events … Continue reading

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The Shutters 2015: Tweeter Of The Year

A Little Explanation I usually start my year end awards with this one. Perhaps it is my “best supporting actor” equivalent. This year I thought I’d give Tweeters a little more time to make their case for a nomination. This … Continue reading

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Random Shit To Get You To The Weekend

No PGA Tour Golf This Week, No Problem I’m fucking with you. That is a serious problem. Yes we have football back in full throat to fill the void, but not having real professional golf played at the highest level … Continue reading

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Happy Hour Thoughts With John Peterson

Aces Wild If you’re a die hard professional golf fan with a pulse you’re well aware that the Euro Tour is in Abu Dhabi this week and Martin Kaymer is looking like the same guy that won the U.S. Open … Continue reading

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Poulter Leaving Puma/Cobra, As Told By Adam Fonseca

More Content For You Friend of SFG, the Chicago Duffer – Adam Fonseca, has his own website and perhaps you frequent it like you do my shit hole here. If not, you’re going to start getting some cross over posts from … Continue reading

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Tom Gillis Is My Hero

I Think He Was Too Nice This one broke late last week, but I’d be doing you all a tremendous disservice if I glossed over it. Forty-five year old journeyman professional from Michigan, Tom Gillis, was going about his business … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Should Stick To What She’s Good At

And Lose 10 Pounds Apparently because Kate Upton is friends with Arnold Palmer and has been on the cover of Golf Digest she’s allowed to have an opinion of what the rules at private clubs should be. On Tuesday Upton … Continue reading

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