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The Jon Rahm Era Beg…..No No No No…..Fuck That

He’s Good, Don’t Get Me Wrong Jon Rahm is a bad ass. I love how he plays – his mostly go for broke style is magnificent. He’s going to make shit loads of money playing golf. He won a Brinks … Continue reading

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I Can Always Do Worse – Predictions For 2017

Well Hello There 2017, I See You Coming… I’ve been so bad at my annual predictions on this site that I hesitate to even attempt them again. Why bother? I’ll pick some big tournament winners, none of them will come … Continue reading

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Tiger The Mac Daddy Santa

A ShutFace Christmas Tradition Death, taxes, and a ShutFaceGolf.com Xmas post. Those are certainties of life since this blog was started nearly four years ago. Last year I gave you ‘ShutFace Clause Coming to Town’. In 2014, ‘O’Twitter Feed’ was … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts With An Eye Toward 2017

If I Were A Betting Man The PGA Tour tells us their off season is the 3 days between the last shot hit at the Ryder Cup and the first shot hit the following Thursday at the Safeway Open. That’s … Continue reading

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Weekend Golf For Tiger – Everybody Wins!

I’m Not Going To Say The B Word Tiger Woods completed 4 rounds of tournament golf for the first time in nearly 500 calendar days. Read that again to yourself. Repeat it. And get used to seeing a lot more … Continue reading

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In Honor Of Tiger’s Return – M/F/K All Things Tiger

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again, Tiger’s Back, Tell Your Friends That’s right. Tiger is 3 days away from teeing it up at his own event, the Hero World Challenge, in the Bahamas on Thursday of this week. I’m still skeptical … Continue reading

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Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

Back On Golf Unfiltered’s Pod Most people learn from their mistakes. GolfUnfiltered.com editor, owner, and creator Adam Fonseca apparently does not because he dared to have me back on his podcast this Tuesday. We talked Tiger, his brand, the PGA … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cat – Tiger Withdraws From Long Awaited Return

I Won’t Have Morning Woods Tomorrow That isn’t a euphemism, I’m just saying I won’t have Tiger Woods on a golf course, in a PGA Tour event, tomorrow morning in Napa Valley as planned. A month ago Tiger Fucking Woods … Continue reading

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Hurley Bags 1st Win At Congo – Final Thoughts On Quicken

Chalk One Up For A Midshipman Billy Hurley lost more than he won in 2015. He also lost his Tour card and (tragically) his father. If you’re not familiar with Billy Hurley you sure as hell should be after the 2016 … Continue reading

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Random Shit Delivered Via Fed Ex

This Is Going To Be Like Porn, Mostly Because It Is About Guys Pulling Out Tiger Woods finally let us in on his June tournament schedule and his plans for the U.S. Open. He did so via Twitter as he’s … Continue reading

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