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Rosie Takes Quicken At Congo: Final Thoughts On Tiger’s Tourney

Rose Wins 2nd U.S. Op…….Errrr…….Wait A Second Well, that’s what it felt like, didn’t it? The Quicken National felt like an old school U.S. Open minus Mike Davis’ fun short par 4s and graduated rough. What happened at the 2011 … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Should Stick To What She’s Good At

And Lose 10 Pounds Apparently because Kate Upton is friends with Arnold Palmer and has been on the cover of Golf Digest she’s allowed to have an opinion of what the rules at private clubs should be. On Tuesday Upton … Continue reading

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Bad Back Means Tiger Won’t Be AP Invite Back-To-Back Champion

The Last Time He Pulled Out This Early Was With A Perkins Waitress Today during happy hour Tiger Woods announced via his Tweeter that he called Arnold Palmer to personally give him the bad news that his back was still … Continue reading

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Twas The Night Before Golfmas

A ShutFace Original ‘Twas the week of Christmas, and all thro’ golf, Tour news was silent as they all took the weekend off; The Mickelsons were counting income for the IRS, With hopes to hide some of it in their … Continue reading

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Arnie Still Pimp’in Kate, EA Drops Tiger, And Happy Fucking Halloween

American Gothic Golfer There’s no truth to the rumor that Hugh Hefner changed his Halloween costume from Robin Thicke to Arnold Palmer. The image you see below is the King himself with his friend, supermodel Kate Upton. Of course, this … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Nailed Your Grandpa, LPGA – Gay Or Straight, & Tiger Health Update: Tuesday Potluck

Hef’s Got Nothing On The King The date was March 19th, 2013. That’s when this romance first blossomed. That’s also the day I told you about the dinner between Arnold Palmer and super model Kate Upton. Well, today Ms. Upton … Continue reading

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It Is Good To Be The King

Somewhere In Orlando Tonight… Arnold Palmer had dinner with supermodel Kate Upton. I’m not fucking with you. This isn’t some kind of Hugh Hefner punchline. How did this happen? You never know who you might meet on a golf course … Continue reading

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Fuck You Ahmad Rashad, Thailand Traffic, & Bear Trap Preview

Ahmad Shows Up In My Dreams Of Kate Upton Too Last Thursday when the golf world stopped to mourn the (1st round) losses of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy visions of the the $woosh power couple playing together in a … Continue reading

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I’m Talk’n Boy Band Ass: Pebble Preview

I’m secure enough in my manhood and sexual orientation to say this to you, let alone fucking publish it on the internet: Justin Verlander and Dustin Johnson are not good looking men. They’re average, and they both pull hot ass … Continue reading

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