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Thomas Wins But Loses By Throwing Out A Fan, And Tiger Was Back Too

Who’s Counting? Seventy-six days. SEVENTY-SIX. That isn’t a typo. That’s how long it has been since my last post. I have no excuses other than life and priorities but it feels good to be back. I bet Tiger is thinking … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts With ShutFaceGolf

Two Weeks Is T00 Long I’ve failed you. I’ve gone nearly two weeks without a post, an update, or any other kind of mention on this website. I’ve tweeted plenty but something tells me that just isn’t enough for you … Continue reading

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Adam Scott Has Gray Hair – Oh, And He Won The Honda

I’m Not Kidding About The Gray Hair Adam Scott won the 2016 Honda Classic for his first PGA Tour win since the 2014 Colonial. When his final 25 inch putt fell for victory he breathed a heavy sigh of relief, … Continue reading

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Thursday Potluck – Centered Mostly Around Tiger’s Tweet

Anybody Heard From Tiger Lately?  By now you’ve likely heard the latest Tiger Woods saga. This post is a bit late to it. Excuse me as I’ve been busy with my day job. Life happens. The short of it is … Continue reading

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Saint Paddy’s Day: Final Thoughts On Honda

He Can Thank Me Later I called out Padraig Harrington two weeks ago because he disappeared from championship golf like Tiger has in 2015 and no one ever seemed to notice. So of course he comes out guns blazing to … Continue reading

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Ugh…The Fucking M-Word Is Lingering At The Honda

The M-Word Is “Monday” There is no chance the Honda Classic will conclude on Sunday thanks to the near 7 inches of rain the golf course received on Friday and Saturday. Four hours of play was lost on Friday thanks … Continue reading

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Hot Take Coming! Tiger Is Taking His Balls And Staying Home

See You In AugustaOrlando Tiger Fucking Woods announced today that he’ll be taking a leave of absence from the tour, but you already knew that. His plan is to fix his game and return to the tour when he feels like … Continue reading

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The Shutters: Shot Of The Year

Only Two To Go The Shutters are coming to a close. The only one remaining after this post is the biggie, WAG of the Year. But first things first, the Shot of the Year. Remember, this doesn’t apply to shots … Continue reading

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Russ Notches Another, Rory Chokes, And Tiger’s Back: Final Thoughts On Honda

Did He Win It Or Survive It?  A lot of tour players have been asked about the point in their careers that let them know they really ‘belong’ on tour. Most of them say it is the 2nd win that … Continue reading

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