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Let’s Get To The Musings, Hump Day Style

Just Two Stanford Dropouts Hanging Out Okay, she might have graduated, but I don’t remember. On Tuesday Michelle Wie took to her Instagram account to let us in on her chipping lesson. Why should we care? Well first, her short … Continue reading

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PGA Championship: Round 2

Burn Their Editors At The Stake Golf.com currently has Rory McIlroy on their front page with the title, “It’s Over”. They must be witches or have a crystal ball that no one else does because last I checked this thing … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Should Stick To What She’s Good At

And Lose 10 Pounds Apparently because Kate Upton is friends with Arnold Palmer and has been on the cover of Golf Digest she’s allowed to have an opinion of what the rules at private clubs should be. On Tuesday Upton … Continue reading

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Upon Further Review: There’s Something Different About Blair O’Neal

Non-Organic Sweater Meat Hard core golf fans probably already know who Blair O’Neal is. If you don’t, I’ll fill you in. She’s a leggy blonde that played her college golf at Arizona State. She’s won 9 mini-tour events but never … Continue reading

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