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44 Year Old Virgin Winner, Bubba Blows Up, & CBS No Shows: Final Thoughts On Hartford

No Longer A Bridesmaid Ken Duke out-dualed fellow journeyman Chris Stroud on the 2nd playoff hole in Hartford to capture the title at the 2013 Travelers Championship. This is Duke’s long awaited maiden victory on tour and its location should … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day (Par) 3 Round Up

Whew…..we’re just a few hours a way now. I wasn’t sure we’d make it, but by the time the dog barks in the morning to make me aware of her need to shit, the 77th Masters Tournament (pronounced toon-a-mint for … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day 2 Round Up

Ahhhh yeah wakaflakas!!!!! We’re one day closer to getting this shindig started. Nothing too news worthy happened today so we’ll keep it quick and low brow, per usual. And Bubba Said, “Let Them Eat……Grilled Chicken And Mashed Potatoes?” That picture … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day 1 Round Up

The next two days until the Masters starts are going to feel like a lifetime. But hey, we’ll suffer together and muddle our way through it. Here’s some tidbits from Day 1 of Masters week for your amusement. It Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Tits And A Hovercraft, Every Boy’s Dream

Golf Digest Editors Read This Blog Clearly they do. Either that or they know how to sell magazines in a day and age when no one buys them. In case you somehow missed it, Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders is in … Continue reading

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Tuesday Potluck: Elin Fucks Coal Miner In Bubba’s House That Fell In Sinkhole

Say what? Yeah, none of that is even close to making sense. But that’s the smorgasbord of stories I’m throwing at you on this Potluck Tuesday. Coal Miner’s Step Daughter That’s what Tiger’s daughter may be referred to if this … Continue reading

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Golf Boys 2.Oh

Yes, they’re back. (O’)Hair-ier and as farmer tanned as ever. They warned us over the last couple weeks that the 2nd installment of the Golf Boys would soon bless us and be viral with in minutes. Today it appeared in … Continue reading

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Dustin Johnson Is A Bad Man

Probably anyone reading this already knows that Dustin is indeed a bad man. Amazing that he hasn’t won the ToC before at Kapalua. He’s 3 ahead of the pace and left a bunch out there today over 36 holes. Should … Continue reading

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