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Hot Take Coming! Tiger Is Taking His Balls And Staying Home

See You In AugustaOrlando Tiger Fucking Woods announced today that he’ll be taking a leave of absence from the tour, but you already knew that. His plan is to fix his game and return to the tour when he feels like … Continue reading

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Activate The Glutes – Tiger Is Fucked

If His Career Were A Dog The Owner Would Shoot It Here we go again. Last week Tiger Woods played in the Phoenix Open, shot 82 on Friday, and said he felt great. He said he was healthy. He said … Continue reading

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Have You Heard? Tiger Woods Is Not Playing At The Masters

Man Lands On Moon If by now you haven’t been told, read, or seen in your Twitter feed that Tiger Woods isn’t going to tee it up at Masters in 2014 then I’m honored that you read this site above … Continue reading

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Bad Back Means Tiger Won’t Be AP Invite Back-To-Back Champion

The Last Time He Pulled Out This Early Was With A Perkins Waitress Today during happy hour Tiger Woods announced via his Tweeter that he called Arnold Palmer to personally give him the bad news that his back was still … Continue reading

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