I’m a suburban dad in the midwestern United States. A proud graduate of a wonderful Big Ten university, I’m married (sorry ladies) with two young children. From Monday morning through Friday afternoon I’m a white collar, obscenity laced, cubical jockey. What else could you possible need to know about me?

I’ve been around golf since my dad got the bug in to me about age 9. I’ve caddied, washed carts, taught clinics, sold equipment, and have played a substantial amount of high level amateur tournament golf.

This Site

What’s the point to this blog? Entertainment only. Don’t take it so seriously. I’m merely sharing my candid, brutally honest, crass, and sometimes vulgar views on the game we all love. Nothing is off limits, we’ll talk golf, period. If I bore you, tell me. If you laugh, say so. If I offend you, you should lighten up.

The Name

Why the name? Only an ode to my notsofavorite swing flaw, shutting the face of the club and hitting it left of left.


If you have a need to contact me, try the Twitter link on the menu bar or email me at shutfacegolf@gmail.com

What’s In The Bag?

I knew you’d ask:

Driver: Titleist TS3 at 9.5* set at A1 with a Hazardous Smoke 6.0 shaft

Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2020

Irons: Mizuno MP18 4 through PW, 120 Moddus 3 S shaft

3W: Titleist 910 FD 15* with low-mid 72g Ahina S

Hybrid: 19 degree Titleist 585H with an Adila NV 85 g shaft

Wedges: Vokey SM7 50, 54 and 60 (M grind)

14 Responses to About

  1. mark bowler says:

    found your blog last night. after 30 seconds my pajamas looked like Garrigus on a REALLY bad day. that is some funny shot bro. it’s the kind of shattered glass that has been clattering around inside my head for the last 40 years. yes i am a miserable old fuck but still play a lot and am still half assed competitive. and your take on Kaymer…holy fuck. another thing about Kaymer is that his head looks like a sheet of paper with a face on it. he’s wearing baseball caps now and he is literally a 4-3/4 at best. look at the way the hat fits on the back of his head. the adjustment strap is pulled all the way over and then some. the guy has no medulla and half of his rear cortex is missing. fucking freak.
    keep it up man and yes i shared your blog with all of my golf pals. mark b/portland OR

  2. Phil says:

    Awesome! A+ – Your site/blog/babble is spot on! Keep up the GREAT work! Love it when the truth is told, not the sugar coated B.S. stuffy shirt nonsense that Golf channel and the likes bring to the table. A new ‘Golf’ is on the horizon !

  3. jrtallent says:

    More praise for your blog. Just found it today. Very entertaining… I’ll be checking back frequently. Hope you keep it up!

  4. On-de-sod says:

    Quality, quality stuff

  5. Excellent blog…I cannot believe I didn’t find this sooner.

  6. steve19087 says:

    Love your blog! It is great and says some things that the talking heads would never utter no matter what they really think, with the exception of Feherety. Good stuff. Keep it up.

  7. Gary says:

    Just discovered your blog, fucking awesome !! Like other readers have said, it’s nice to see somebody not sugar coating shit all the time. The description of Charl Schwartzel was hysterical (but true), love the bashing of Singh but I like Freddie so can’t agree with you there. One thing you can say about him is that he didn’t act like an asshole !!

  8. frank jones says:

    Good stuff brother. Call it like you see it without filters. It’s been bookmarked by all of us over here. #backinblack.

  9. Casey says:

    Love your blog. Just 2 corrections to Mickelsons story….he never shot a 73 on Saturday and his final back 9 was not a 31.

  10. greetings from South Africa, enjoying your blog, just found it today and am working through it.
    as we say here “bakgat”

  11. Marc Rettus says:

    Reading your drivel is like sitting down with you watching golf on TV. My friends and I pretty much talk the same way you do. And the beer flows freely, although I don’t drink the rotgut myself. We call a spade a spade, and a fag a fag, but we don’t hate anyone.
    I stopped playing golf 25 years ago, but I still like it, and I am a marshal at all the nearby tournaments. My least favorite golfer is Michelle Wie. I can’t understand how Johnny Miller, and his two majors, same as John Daly, is so hung up on himself. My favorite golfer is Mr. Shutface. (Hey, that’s just the obligatory suck up.)

  12. What about a Masters preview where you lay your balls on the ground?

  13. pat gau says:

    i realy like your web site i am a new player and it help me a lot thank’s

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