I Was On A Podcast, Made Some Predictions, It Didn’t Go Well

Yes, This Site Is Still Active

Ok, I admit, I almost left it for dead. I might as well have as I haven’t posted since July. I do have an equipment review and a course review coming your way in the next few weeks. I’ll probably have something to say about the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua next week too. In the mean time I give you this, the Fore Golfers Network Podcast from this week. I came on to talk to host Bill Hobson in January to discuss some predictions for 2018. Bill had me back on this week to check in on my predictions. I was wildly wrong on two of the three.

The link in the tweet above will get you to the podcast. I’m at the end, but the other guys (minus Fonseca) are worth a listen too. In summary, the USGA did nothing with the ball. I was right! The U.S. was crushed in the Ryder Cup. I was wrong! And the Anthony Kim one…I’ll leave that up to you guys, so what if it was 2 year old video.

Thanks to Bill for having me on again, it is always fun to chat with him.

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