Nit Twits – Who Blocked Me And Why

Cock Blockers

I haven’t sat down and written a post in some time, nearly a month. Life happens. And I warned you that I’d have to dial it down this year because of the whole life balance thing. But in the midst of my down time I decided to write this post which details my 4+ years on Twitter interacting with the golf media, Tour pros, and bloggers who want to be something more than that, who have blocked me from following them and the why behind it (if I know why). I’ve got nothing to hide. I’d love for any of them to unblock me so that I can follow along again. I’ve never blocked anyone on Twitter without first being blocked by them. An eye for an eye, so to speak. So here we go on a roll coaster ride of Twitter blockers – and try to remember that as always this site is for entertainment purposes only. I questioned why I’d even write this but you guys asked for in a Twitter poll and I refuse to disappoint you.

Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel analyst – Brandel estimated in a recent piece that he’s blocked 20,000+ people on Twitter. I’m just a number to him. Now I know how Wilt Chamberlin’s lovers felt. Why do I think he blocked me? I have no idea. I disagree with him plenty so it could have been anything. Or maybe I said he had a tiny prick and his Golf Channel anchor fiance is a dog face. Honestly, I don’t remember. I really don’t give a shit about ever reading a tweet he wrote again but if he unblocked me I’d go right back to giving him shit for being a dope again. Next.

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Geoff Shackleford, Golf Digest and Golf Channel contributor – Geoff is a bit of a golf traditionalist, which is a nice way to say he’s an uptight weenie. That being said, he’s a talented guy, I like his takes, and I probably agree with him more than I’d like to admit. Why did he block me? Because I posted a link to my site in the comments of his. How about just advising me not to do that? I was new to all of this crap. What do you gain by blocking someone who enjoys your work who didn’t say shit to you on Twitter? Thanks, Captain Douche Canoe.

Image result for weenie geoff shackelford image

Ian James Poulter, Ferrari Enthusiast – Shank-o-potamus has to have blocked as many or more people than Chamblee and he also takes joy in doing it. How a guy who plays a professional sport for a living can pay attention to what any schmuck says about him on Twitter is beyond me. Ian brings it all upon himself. Somehow I  made it a few years without being blocked even though I told him he had sand in his vagina while he complained about the wind at Kapalua over four years ago. What’s more surprising is that he was even playing in the Tournament of Champions, meaning he actually won something. Who knew? What did he block me for? It may have been because I said his wife was a beard and he was really in love with a clone of himself that he keeps locked up in his Lake Nona home. Or it may have been several other insults I hurled his way. He’s annoying, he sucks. Good riddance.

Stephanie Wei, Golf Blogger – I guess she’s a blogger, I really don’t know because I have not read a post of hers in over 2 years. When she first started writing she had promise and was telling her readers interesting nuggets about tournaments and players. Then she became TMZ and her site started reading more like a teen pop magazine than it did a golf blog. I had the audacity to call Wei out once or twice for making the story about her more often than not so she blocked me. Yawn.

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Sergio Garcia, Masters Champion Are you sensing a theme here, that perhaps every European Ryder Cup stalwart has blocked me? It’s undeniable but apparently at some point in the last 4.5 years I’ve gone after the easy targets they roll out enough to get under their skin and then promptly get blocked. I despised Sergio for nearly a decade and have made countless comments about his homo-erotic love for Jose Maria Olazabal. Was that wrong of me? I don’t think so. I only said things about Garcia when he acted like the little punk bitch he often portrayed. Things have changed with him now, largely thanks to his wife to be and his green jacket. I kind of like the way he goes about his golf these days. Perhaps we can bury the hatchet and he’ll unblock me while I never say a bad word about him again. I promise.

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Lee Westwood, Best Player To Never Win A Major – Another blocker, another Euro Ryder Cupper. Again….this could have been anything. Remember when Lee used to get drunk and tweet. Those were fun times. Moving on.

No Laying Up, Website & Twitter Persona, Blogger, etc. – This one is interesting. I always liked Soly and still do. I read his work when I have time to open an incognito browser. NLU even followed me for most of my Twitter lifetime. Then one day out of the blue the least talented member of the fan boy network trolls me on a post I made 15 months prior to him tweeting at me. I never even followed him because he adds nothing to their fine site.

So homie doesn’t see the humor in my misogynistic post about the ladies of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive (it was the M/F/K post) and tries to make an example out of me to his followers because they’re adding a chick to their crew. He goes on some rant, unfollows me and then blocks me from NLU too. Good job cool guy, hopefully Chris lets you keep riding his coat tails.

Steve Elkington; Jason Gore; and Pat Perez, Tour Players – I’ll throw a blanket over all three of these fellas because they’re all related in some way. Just like 3/4 of the NLU crew I mentioned above I like all three of these guys and Elkington followed me for a while. I think things started downhill when Perez found my post about him getting married. From that and PGA Tour wife post linked within it the worst thing I said about Pat was that he out kicked his coverage and that he had a mullet. Really bro? You’re that sensitive? Apparently he is because he quit Twitter after his Tiger comments this year.

Image result for chubby jason gore image

A few months later I called Perez’ good buddy Jason Gore chubby, basically saying Gore plays into the “golfers aren’t athletes” stereotype. Gore blocked me almost instantly and I didn’t even tag him in my tweet. Elkington unfollowed and blocked me within hours of Gore’s action. Steve fucking Elkington….dude is a not stop Twitter gaffe and he blocked me for saying PP’s wife is hot, Pat has a mullet, and Jason is portly. What am I missing?


HashTag Chad, Social Media guy at Callaway Golf – Of the 12 Twitter accounts I’ve noted in this post, 6 of them are people I like and wouldn’t mind being able to read their tweets again. Chad is one of them. And again, here’s another guy that blocked me for a reason I don’t know. I recall him exuberantly tweeting about his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks once and I may have insulted the hogs, their coach, or said something about hill billies. I’ve disparaged Callaway products a few times but didn’t do so by tweeting at him. So this one leaves me scratching my head again. I even offered to donate to his GoFundMe for his dog’s illness if he unblocked me but that fell on deaf ears. Sad face.

All in all, if there’s only 6 people on Twitter that I’ve blocked me that matter in 4 years then I guess I’m not the most terrible human being some of the above seem to think I am. Sure I deserved a few of those. I’ll own that. And quite frankly I expected them from guys like Chamblee, Poulter, Westwood, etc. I wear them all like a badge of honor and hope perhaps the others will some day unblock me for the greater good. Its happened before, it could happen again, but I won’t expect it.

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5 Responses to Nit Twits – Who Blocked Me And Why

  1. skins99 says:

    Bunch of tour pros have blocked me too. I tend to get pissed when my 1&done guy goes in the tank and if they have a twitter page I let them have it. (I just can’t help myself) Feel like half the tour has me blocked, Sergio included. Walker, Finau, Palmer, Reed, Perez, Lee and others I can’t even remember. Finau actually blocked me about 5 minutes after he left the course (after missing the cut, of course). More concerned with his twitter than practicing I guess. You are not alone

  2. El Pato de Muerte says:

    I love this post almost as much as I hate THE PLAYERS.

  3. yt says:

    Did Wei block Elkington after he made fun of her no cans?

  4. Marc Rettus says:

    The No Laying Up block is the most surprising to me. You’ve quoted them or provided a link to their site so often, one might assume you were pretty tight.

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