Random Thoughts (Because I Haven’t Posted In A While)

Phriendly Phoenix

The Waste Management Phoenix Open hosted by the Thunderbirds was fun, wasn’t it? Oh, you didn’t see it because you needed to have your TV tuned to the Super Bowl to make sure you didn’t miss Lady Gaga? Shame on you. On Saturday they had 206,000 people show up. Read that again. That’s two times the size of a very large college football game. On Sunday they had a smaller crowds (as always) but a leaderboard with decent star power and a 4 hole playoff to entertain you well into the 1st quarter of the big game. What more could you want?

Brendan Steele probably thinks they could do with a few less people. He was a “victim” of alcohol abuse when an unruly patron threw straight fire at his own mom.

0% that’s true. Steele is obviously still a virgin. What gets lost in the Super Bowl frenzy on Sundays in PHX is that the last 6 holes are some of the most exciting in tournament golf. Eighteen itself sucks but the other holes don’t have many weaknesses. I’m partial to 17 because 95% of the field is trying to drive the green, and even if you pull that off like Webb Simpson did in the playoff you still might have to grind to make your 3 or 4 thanks to the goofy angles presented by the back left hole location. Tom Wieskopf is no slouch in designing short par 4s.

Image result for hideki matsuyama waste management trophy

In the end it was the current best player in the world and WMPO defending champ holding off Simpson in a four hole playoff. Hideki Matsuyama won for the 2nd time this PGA Tour season. I know he isn’t actually ranked number 1 but who would you put ahead of him right NOW? Justin Thomas has an argument, 3 wins and a 59 and whatnot, but he MC’d at Scottsdale and was hiking with his boy Smylie all weekend while Matsuyama was stalking more birdies.

The only bad news out of Phoenix was that Tour player Steven Bowditch got snaked for DUI Thursday night. I tend to cut a little slack for such instances when the guy is close to the legal limit. Not that the BAC level makes the crime any less wrong but the mistake is more understandable. Bowdo wasn’t near the legal limit. He was more than double it. With all the Ubers and Lyfts available how can a guy in SB’s position let this happen? Better yet, how could his caddie, friends, bartender etc. let him get in a car and drive? They fucked up just as bad. Bowditch stepped up and took full blame, tweeted about working on his problem, and then teed it up in the 2nd round of the tourney. He missed the cut as he often does these days.

Image result for Steven Bowditch mugshot

At Least Bowditch Doesn’t WD

If you had the number of rounds Tiger would complete in his comeback before he had to withdraw from a tourney due injury at 2 or less, you win the big prize. Oddly Tiger flew commercial to Dubai from California after missing the cut at Torrey Pines. He showed up for the Euro event, collected 1.5 million for being there, did some promos, shot 77 with no birdies on Thursday, then WD’d on Friday before teeing off. Word on the street is that he tweaked something while working out on Wednesday and that caused back spasms. The WD was done for precautionary reasons.

Image result for Tiger Woods dubai WD

We’ve seen this before, we’ll see it again. He’s going to be hyper sensitive about any issue he has with his back. I don’t blame him. What he needs to due is rethink where he plays and how he plays so he isn’t taxing that broken part of his body. Hey TW, play PHX instead of globe trotting for easy pay days! That isn’t hard to figure out. I’m guessing we’ll see him in L.A. in a week but there’s no way he’ll play well at the Honda a week later flying across the country. He may be there. He may finish a round. But he won’t make the cut and finish in the 50 on that course. And how the fuck is he supposed to walk the hills of Augusta National for 72 holes?

Sergio won in Dubai amid the Tiger circus. He looked dominant. So fucking what? Garcia wins plenty of regular old boring PGA and Euro Tour events around the globe. Wake me when he wins something that truly matters. We know he’s a great player. We know he’s hall of fame worthy, but the narrative on El Nino isn’t going to change until he gets a major. I don’t see it ever happening.

Video Screen Capture

Garcia’s win was his first as an engaged man. He seems to play well after each change in girlfriend. The newness of a relationship must make him forget about Jose Maria Olazabal just long enough to play well for a few months. The future Mrs. Garcia, Angela Atkins, is shown above. She was a Golf Channel reporter some time ago and still might be but no one seems to be able to confirm that. Angela isn’t my type but she’s still better looking than anything Sergio could pull down if he wasn’t a millionaire professional athlete. I wish the betrothed couple nothing buy happiness. Good luck!


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