The Jon Rahm Era Beg…..No No No No…..Fuck That

He’s Good, Don’t Get Me Wrong

Jon Rahm is a bad ass. I love how he plays – his mostly go for broke style is magnificent. He’s going to make shit loads of money playing golf. He won a Brinks truck of it last year and contended from the minute he turned pro (in June at the Quicken). I wanted to pick him last week because I figured he was due but I was too chicken shit thanks to Rahm having no track record at Torrey Pines. So what does he do, jumps three shots out ahead of a bunched field on Sunday with two back nine eagles and takes his first win by the balls. Putt of the Year – he might have that locked up too thanks to this mic drop eagle on the 72nd hole.

Geez Louise with a slice of cheese. And don’t forget Rahm’s girlfriend, former ASU track team member Kelley Cahill. Yeah, the Sun Devil athlete he snagged while in Tempe with the great…..ummmmm……..eyes. She made her appearance to much of the world when she got CBS airtime with JR. We’ve seen her before, but just to make sure you didn’t forget…..her latest Insties:

I saved you the ones with Jon boy in them showing full golf tan lines like the rest of us have in July.

That’s all. Move on. Nothing else to see here except the next Tour super star and his hot girlfriend.

Image result for Kramer I'm out gif

What’s that….you want my take on Tiger? INCOMPLETE. Both courses at Torrey Pines played somewhat tough last week with the wet, thick rough. He played 4 competitive rounds in 600 days. If you expected him to make the cut you still think he’s super human. He’s never going to be Tiger of old. He’s going to be a guy. He might win 1 or 2 a year and maybe steal a major in the next 8 years. You need to change your expectations of him if you think otherwise. I like what I saw from the short game. I think he needs to move away from the ball to minimize his swing plane issues. Otherwise we just need to see more of him. Until then……wait, until tomorrow….. when he tees it up in Dubai late Wednesday night. Fuck yeah!

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