Repeat Offender

Worth Every Penny

I put a decent amount of work into a course review when I write one. I wish I could do more but I don’t get out enough to courses you guys actually want to hear about. I also don’t review private tracks (I’m their guest) or places I play close to home. So when the Tour visits a course I’ve played and reviewed I make sure to bring back up the post from my archives.

Image result for kapalua plantation course image

My 2014 review of Kapalua’s Plantation Course, from my trip there in 2010, can be found by hitting the link you’re reading in this sentence. The pros tee off on Thursday in Maui this year, FYI. That’s a change from the past when the started on Friday and ended on Monday to try to avoid football audiences picking a playoff game over a limited field event in paradise. I guess that didn’t work. I’ll be back later in the week with my 2016 predictions. Oh, and for fantasy picks this week, how can you go against Matsuyama?

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