The Shutters 2016: Tweeter of the Year

After The Longest Break In Award Show History…

And we’re back. Wow, that was a long break. That is what happens when you mix Taco Bell and Ex-Lax. Ok, that’s a bad shit joke. On with the show. This one is the Tweeter of the Year. In case you’re new here let me explain that this isn’t about actual tweeting, but that does help. This is an award for a person or an entity using social media to make the golfing world more entertaining, funny, and informative in 140 characters at a time. Instagrams, SnapChats, tweets, they’re all in play here (except Facebook, fuck Facebook in the face).

Last year Adam Sarson won and he deserved the award more than any other prior winner. 2014 gave us everyone’ favorite fan boy club, @NolayingUp. And 2013…..fuck I don’t remember….oh yeah, ESPN’s Jason Sobel. That’s a pretty elite club. Only one of those handles have blocked me since! Who will win for 2016? I think there is a clear favorite, but I’ll save that for the rest of the post.

And The Nominees Are…

@JohnPetersonPGA – John is a PGA Tour member once again and you’ll see him with full status in 2016 as he returns from injury. He’s a outdoor loving Texan who hunts and kills anything with fur or feathers. He’s rather outspoken and loves ‘merica and the military. He’s not afraid to speak his political mind, either, which might be the only knock I have on him for this award. I tend to agree with John on such issues, but I don’t read my Twitter feed for that type of stuff. Here’s a 140 character or less sampling of John’s work.

Jack Handy couldn’t have said it better. John does get extra credit for his fine work on SnapChat. The Xmas display he put up has nothing on Clark Griswold.

@Skratch – Best known as SkratchTV, of, this multimedia juggernaut doesn’t say who they are or what their M.O. is, they just put out amazing clips, gifs, and other entertainment that brings a smile to my face almost every day. They are absolutely killing it, there’s no other way to say it. Here’s a sample:

If you don’t get that, I can’t help you. Their material is typically relevant to the topic de jour and as you can see above, there’s often a fun-loving throw back element in it. What’s not to love about Skratch?

@EuropeanTour – Call me un-American, but the ET Twitter handle absolutely blow away what its American counterpart in Ponte Vedra produces in the Social Media world. The Euros have been ahead of us in this regard since the birth of the internet it seems. They probably have to be more interweb entertainment savvy to get fringe soccer fans involved. Hey, whatever it takes. From gong challenges to Rory being interviewed by a kid, the ET media savants usually strike gold.

Who the fuck thought of that? It is NSFW because it is the purest form of golf porn I’ve ever seen on the Twitter. But that’s what @EuropeanTour does, and it never takes a day off. God bless.

@DougFerguson405 – Last but not least there’s Mr. Doug Ferguson, an Associated Press Golf journo.  Doug was nominated for the award before but didn’t win. He is as old school as it gets. He’s a writer/journo above anything else. He writes with integrity (unlike anything you’ll find on this site). He writes based on fact. And he’s typically one of the first on site of a big boy tournament to give you some context and perspective of what just happened, why, and what it means for golf history. He is a pro’s pro, and luckily for us he’s adapted to the new media to give us all his abridged thoughts via Twitter. Thank you, Doug.

I don’t know him personally but many of my peers have met him and speak highly of him. Having read him for nearly 4 years now it is easy to see why. I’ve often heard from some young bloggers and journos that Doug is one of the first media veterans to give advice to rookies in the golf journo ranks. That’s worth a few ‘good-guy’ points in my book.

And The Winner Is

Doug Ferguson? I like Doug, I’d like to give him some type of lifetime achievement award, but the Shutter for Tweeter of the Year for 2016 isn’t going to be his. John Peterson? No, not him either. Pictures of dead ducks and deer won’t get it done when there’s much stiffer competition (rigamortis pun fully intended). There’s nothing about what the EuroTour does on Twitter that I don’t like. In any other year I’d probably declare them the winner without a second thought. But they aren’t Skratch, no one is. Skratch is witty, subtle, and very entertaining to a golf nerd like me. They’re the winner going away, and the following two tweets along with the one shown above in this post are 3 of the best montages I’ve watched this year.

Good thing JT didn’t ask to sing with Liza Minnelli. I can’t decide which one I like more, JT and Gus or “Putt It”.

Tough call, but both are award worthy and Skratch already has the hardware. Every past winner of this Shutter has responded to a ShutFaceGolf tweet or post to provide some form of an acceptance speech. You’re on the clock Skratch. We won’t even play the music to boot you off the stage.

This is the part where I typically let you weigh in on a poll to tell me I’m wrong about who I gave an award to. I’m hesitant to do so with this one because I feel so strongly about my selection. But because I want you guys to have a voice and understand you’re part of this place, the reason for any content, etc. I’ll stick with tradition. Just a reminder, if you pick ‘Other’ you have to leave a comment to explain your decision.

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