Random Thoughts With An Eye Toward 2017

If I Were A Betting Man

The PGA Tour tells us their off season is the 3 days between the last shot hit at the Ryder Cup and the first shot hit the following Thursday at the Safeway Open. That’s a fact. We know it isn’t true but we mock it and laugh at it just the same. Of course the true off season for the players is the month of December. The silly season World Challenge Shark Shootout Father/Son Opens are all done and there’s no more golf that matters until we see our heroes again at Kapalua in January. This true off season also means players that have been fiddling with equipment and wardrobe changes start announcing their new endorsements to the golf world. When a multi-green-jacket-winning player signs on with a new ball company after a decade with another, it makes you say hmmmmm………

Image result for Bubba Watson volvik image

Yes, that’s right, Gerry Watson Jr. has put his Pro V1s in the dumpster and will play Volvik balls for as long as his contract says according to ESPN.com. Who did you think I was talking about? Volvik is best known for sponsoring LPGA events and selling balls in a variety of bright colors. Watson already uses a pink driver with a pink shaft, will he use a pink ball too? That sounds like something he’d sign on for. He can’t talk about it until his Titleist contract expires at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Can’t wait for that tweet!

Oh yeah, Tiger got new balls too. The 650th player in the world, Tiger Woods, signed with Bridgestone and announced it via Twitter yesterday. He’ll play the B330-S.

That isn’t going to look or feel right, but that’s a helluva signing for the tire company. He’ll move product. With moves like this and Eldrick having Taylormade woods in his bag 2017 feels like a big year of change in golf. TW hasn’t been relevant for 3+ years. That comes to a screeching halt as I think he’s going to contend early and often in the new year. He’s already announced that he’ll play in L.A. at Riviera 8 weeks from now. Word on the street is he’ll also play in the middle east in January.

In my last post about 1/4 of you said you thought TW would win in 2017. Are you guys going to put your money where your mouth is? I think I would. 25 to 1 at the Masters? I’m not ready to go that far, but I am seeing 12 to 1 to win a tournament. That seems like a no-brainer. I’m also seeing odds of 15 to 1 for any player to win 2 majors. I need to call my bookie. Rory could have that locked up by July. FYI I’m seeing these at MyTopSportsBooks.com in this post written last week. I think he’s got it about right, which ones do you like? I think I agree with his Spieth take too.

That’s all for now. I had to give you something as I scratched my head on the Volvik/Watson news. SFG will be ramping up production a bit with the Shutter Awards coming to an end and my annual epic Christmas post on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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