Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

Back On Golf Unfiltered’s Pod

Most people learn from their mistakes. GolfUnfiltered.com editor, owner, and creator Adam Fonseca apparently does not because he dared to have me back on his podcast this Tuesday. We talked Tiger, his brand, the PGA Tour schedule, and what the fuck Bubba Watson was doing at Hazeltine as a Ryder Cup Vice Captain. It isn’t long, that’s what she said, but we kept it light and reasonably fun. Hit the link and check it out.

golf unfiltered


As always, a big thanks to Adam for having me. Hopefully we’ll do it again sooner rather than later, like 11 months, 15 days, 1 hour and 46 seconds later.

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1 Response to Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

  1. Brotkopf says:

    Great job on the podcast. I really enjoyed it.

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