Scaredy Cat – Tiger Withdraws From Long Awaited Return

I Won’t Have Morning Woods Tomorrow

That isn’t a euphemism, I’m just saying I won’t have Tiger Woods on a golf course, in a PGA Tour event, tomorrow morning in Napa Valley as planned. A month ago Tiger Fucking Woods told the golf media world that he intended to play in the Safeway Open this week to kick off his 2017 PGA Tour season. In case you’ve been living in Mars, Tiger didn’t play once in 2016 due to injury. Last Friday he confirmed that he’d play and officially entered the event. He sounded like he had found some inspiration after spending Ryder Cup week with Team USA as a vice captain. What happened between Friday and Monday when Tiger announced he was withdrawing is anybody’s guess, but anyway you slice it he looks like a giant coward.

In the full length statement made on Tiger’s website he noted that he had to move his post Ryder Cup practice from Florida to California because of Hurricane Mathew. That was of course after he said his game was vulnerable and that he wasn’t ready to compete with the best players in the world. Tiger insiders Notah Begay and Tim Rosaforte said the trouble with Woods right now is the short game. Tiger didn’t say that, but those two know enough to know the truth.

“After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour or compete in Turkey,” Woods said on his website. “My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be.”

So he’s got the same short game issues he had at the beginning of 2015? How is that possible? This all comes after Jesper Parnevik told the world how good Tiger was hitting the ball in Florida. So what happened? I think it is a combination of many things. He got excited to play because of the Ryder Cup. He wants to play, but he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. I think he hits it fine on the range and on the course, then gets under fire and things get crooked. He knows the only way he can score right now is if his short game is sharp, and it is far from that. So why go through the motions, have to answer the questions, and embarrass himself more? If that is were his mind is, if he is indeed that fragile, then he probably made the right decision. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a huge pussy, but playing this week and shooting 81-80 and having more questions than answers after such a long layoff is probably best for him.

What’s that? He WD’d and then hit balls at a clinic held at Pebble Beach 24 hours later? Now that smells fishy. He looks good with whatever that is in the video, but it still lacks the speed we’ve always seen from Woods. Perhaps this is more about him getting out-driven by 46 year old Phil Mickelson (whom he would have been paired with) for 36 holes this week.

So no Tiger at Safeway, no Tiger in Turkey, and I doubt we see him at his own event, the World Challenge, in early December. What is going to change in the next six weeks? I’d say he’s even money to even play again in 2017. He’s bordering on Anthony Kim yeti status right now, minus the insurance money excuse.

That tweet makes me sad, and angry. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it except Tiger. Can he ever get over the hump? Will he ever play again, let alone win an tournament? I’ve had my doubts about all of this for almost a year, but those doubts have become clear realities. Sad realities. I might need help.

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