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The Shutters 2016: Golf’s Whiny Bitch of the Year

Also Known As The Ian Poulter Award The professional golf season for 2016 is over. The weekend hacker season will be soon for those of us in cool climates. That means it is time again for my year end awards, … Continue reading

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Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

Back On Golf Unfiltered’s Pod Most people learn from their mistakes. editor, owner, and creator Adam Fonseca apparently does not because he dared to have me back on his podcast this Tuesday. We talked Tiger, his brand, the PGA … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cat – Tiger Withdraws From Long Awaited Return

I Won’t Have Morning Woods Tomorrow That isn’t a euphemism, I’m just saying I won’t have Tiger Woods on a golf course, in a PGA Tour event, tomorrow morning in Napa Valley as planned. A month ago Tiger Fucking Woods … Continue reading

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A Standing Ovation For Team USA: Ryder Cup Final Thoughts

Patrick Reediculous, A True American Hero I don’t even know where to begin. The Ryder Cup contested in Chaska, Minnesota last weekend had such a multitude of highlights and American swag thrown about it that I’ve lost track of what … Continue reading

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