A Reed Win For The Red, White, & Blue: Final Thoughts On Barclays

Patrick Reediculous

Patrick Reed loves America. He loves playing for his country. He’s built for the Ryder Cup. It would have been tough to fathom the U.S. team without him next month. Before the Barclays at Bethpage last week that was a real possibility. Not anymore thanks to Reed bullying the big bad Black course and outlasting the field on his way to a 1 shot victory.

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Reed’s victory shouldn’t have been as easy as it looked. Pat and Rickie Fowler entered the back nine on Sunday at the Black with Reed trailing Fowler by a shot. Fowler hadn’t made a bogey in forever, but he also hadn’t starred Patrick Reed in the eye in the heat of a battle. Reed birdied the 12th after Fowler bogeyed the 11th and Fowler’s meltdown was underway. From there Reed kept hitting greens and the result was a 3 shot lead with a few holes to play. Sean O’Hair and Emilo Grillo were in the house at -8 but not exactly threats to someone playing with Reed’s confidence.

I’m still dumbfounded by the fact that Reed had not won a Tour event in 20 months, since the 2015 Tournament of Champions. The fact that he was on the Olympic team with that track record tells you how many guys had to say no to Rio before Reed was an option. It also shows you how flawed the Ryder Cup points system is if Reed was even in the top 10 without a 2016 victory. He hasn’t played poorly, but he hasn’t lived up to his top 5 billing. Don’t tell him that.

The NLU fellas tweeted that as a joke, but it wasn’t far off. I saw the tweet before I saw Reed’s actual interview. Pete Kostis put the mic up to Reed and that’s almost exactly what came out, sponsor mentions and all. I’m glad this guy is on our side at Hazeltine. For the record, the top 8 on the U.S. team were locked in place after the Barclays. Reed is now 4th on that list, as if it matters. Fowler is on the outside looking in. As are Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar…..who were fellow Olympians with Reed.

The Field

Rickie Fowler knows he let one get away. I blame that cheese dick mustache he sprouted last week at the urging of Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman. You saw that thing, you couldn’t miss it. Gary McCord even wasted our time pontificating that Fowler was coloring the ‘stache. Ahhh…..CBS at its worst best.

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In my mind Fowler should have some work to do to make the Ryder Cup team. He’s been almost invisible in big tournaments for about 6 months until last Sunday. Captain Love will be watching Fowler closely before he makes his captain’s picks, but most seem to think Fowler is going to be on the team. It is rumored he told Reed that he’d see him in Minnesota when they left the 18th green at Bethpage. Hey Rick, you’ll also see him on Boston and Indianapolis the next two weeks if you need some time with him.

Sean O’Hair finished T2 with Emillo Grillo. O’Hair, really? Was Anthony Kim in the top 5 too? I like O’Hair and always root for him due to his personal back story. Hopefully his play on Long Island is a precursor to more good golf in his future. I’d like to see him back with the “haves” and not the “have nots” of the PGA Tour. As for Grillo, he’s trending in the right direction and will be a popular pick in Boston this week. If he’d putted worth a shit he might have taken’s Reed’s trophy from him.

Image result for jason day barclays image 2016

Jason Day played at his C+ game level again and still snagged a top 5 finish. He’s been good in 2016 and could win POTY depending on how the Playoffs finish. But think about how much better he was in 2015 and was overshadowed by Jordan Spieth. If he finds his 2015 form he might be set up for a legendary 2017 season.

Speaking of Jordan Spieth…..he was in the top 10 at the Barclays too. He played alright. His putter showed a few glimpses of what we expect from the Golden Boy, but that isn’t the bigger story here. Remember when he passed on the Olympics due to health concerns. When he bailed on Rio most figured that meant he was thinking wedding bells and babies with his long time girlfriend. The Twitterverse seems to think otherwise as they’ve documented Jordan with a few girls somewhere between his round at Friar’s Head with the #SB2k16 boys and getting to the pro-am at TPC Boston.

So that’s out there, and I’m not sure what to think of it. For you old guys that can’t interpret millennial communication, that’s a pic of Jordan with two girls from SnapChat and it is followed by screen shots of one girl’s texts where she explains her (alleged) evening with the Golden Boy without his Under Armor. Perhaps it is fake. Perhaps it isn’t/wasn’t really Jordan Speith. It sure looks real. Let’s see how the damage control plays out, if it does. Maybe Spieth broke it off with his home girl and this was his way of catching up for lost time.

Shot Of The Day

You heard all last week how tough of a golf course Bethpage Black is. From tee to green I agree that it is extremely hard. And therefore it didn’t yield a ton of the darts, hole outs, and chip ins that a typically PGA Tour tournament site does. You know that I hate giving you a SOTD that is a putt, but this one from Jason Day is too good to ignore.

Some of you guys don’t last 16 seconds in bed, let alone hole a putt that takes that long to get to the bottom of the hole.

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2 Responses to A Reed Win For The Red, White, & Blue: Final Thoughts On Barclays

  1. ygirl says:

    There are some men who SHOULD NOT grow a mustache! Rickie is one. He will make the Ryder Cup along with all the other regulars. DLIII is not a risk taker. After all “the team that prayers together stays together” when they lose. I don’t think I will even watch this year, watching the USA lose get tedious. I just read an interesting article onRussell Knox not being picked for the Euro team. It looks like the Euros are following into the “frat-boy” mentaity too. Feelings are that he wasn’t picked because he wasn’t poplular with the team members. Says he doesn’t know any of them well. Huh, wish he would change his citizenship, we’ll take him.

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