Augusta Land, Coming Soon?

Something Is Brewing Around Magnolia Lane

What if I told you that Augusta National was about to get bigger and better? Is that something you’d be interested in? The “better” part of that statement is debatable depending on who you ask. Last year after Jordan Spieth waxed the field at the Masters a construction project began on Berckman’s Road. The club did it all with their own money. The idea of that project was to widen it, but why? With the road construction under way the Men of the Masters began buying up property around the course just like they did when they were ready to expand the driving range, practice facility, and parking areas a few years ago. What is there plan now? No one seems to know but this article from gives some ideas.

As the article goes on to say, things around the ANGC have changed quite a bit. Neighborhoods have been bought up, flattened, and are now gone forever. Businesses along Washington Road (where the main entrance to the club is) are wondering what is next and what will happen to them. If you’ve ever been to Augusta you know the charm it had and you know you also drove by the club (assuming it wasn’t Masters week) to sneak a peak at Magnolia Lane and the front gate. Everything was in its place and was a snug fit. Now imagine that Olive Garden, the Hooters, the Publix, gone. It isn’t far fetched. As MetroSpirit documented, the club overpaid for a JiffyLube just to get the land and move the establishment down the road. So what are they going to do with all this land?

Remember in 2013 when Augusta National presented us with their VIP area called Berckman’s Place? I think whatever they’ve got planned going forward will be something along those lines. Luxury lodging will be part of it but I have to imagine a full on high end experience for those that can afford that type of entrance to Masters week is on the horizon. Imagine it, the wealthiest of patrons never having to leave the grounds while taking in Berckman’s Place and whatever else they’ve got cooked up. They’ll party all night on the grounds of the club. They’ll feast on peach cobbler and drink mint juleps into the morning (or until the club says its bed time). Could there even be a full sized replica hole to play? A short course? A putting course? Lodging for the players and caddies? The possibilities are endless. Now hopefully a media member attending Billy Payne’s Masters week presser will have the stones to ask him about it. I want more info and I want to be wowed by it.

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