SpiethCenter, Arnold Palmer, And More In Another Edition Of Hump Day Musings

Fork Off

Jordan Spieth’s new Sportscenter commercial dropped today and its already gone viral. If you’ve seen it and are done with it, move on. If not, throw aside your hate for all things ESPN and hunker down for 30 seconds to watch it.

I see plenty of Jordan Spieth on TV. I hate ESPN with a passion. But that’s pretty damn good and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I liked the cameo caddie Michael Greller got in too. I’m a fork guy myself. Two majors, including a green jacket, and I suppose an SC commercial is long overdue. I’m guessing more commercials from Jordan and ESPN are on the way. They have to have one in which they mimic him talking to his ball, don’t they?

Grand Slam Gone

Last fall the PGA of America cancelled their Grand Slam event due to the fact that it was being played on a course owned by a controversial presidential candidate who shall remain nameless. The PGA vowed that the event would return in 2016. They lied. Today the PGA announced that the Slam is done for good. The 36 hole stroke play event has been played for nearly 40 years and typically featured the 4 major champions of the year (with some substitutions for guys winning multiple majors in a year, injuries, etc.).

What the PGA realized in the event’s 2015 absence is that no one missed it. They didn’t say that, I did. But with the Tour’s wrap around schedule and football on all fall, who did they think was watching? I think they’ll replace the Grand Slam in some way shape or form in the coming years once they can figure out how to reinvent the thing. Until then you need only to know that Martin Kaymer is the last champion of the Grand Slam as he won it in 2014. You know you’ll get that trivia question someday.

I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It Again

Fuck Ian Poulter. Why this time? I read a story from a site called ClickOnGolf today that explained Poulter’s latest dust up with a fan that occurred at last weekend’s Valspar Championship. Poulter was heckled by a fan when said fan suggested that Ian hit it in the H2O on his next shot. Poults’ then went full vagina, cried, called his mom, then found the dude tweeting about the heckling after his round.

Obviously the fan’s Twitter profile showed that he was employed by Florida Southern as an assistant athletic director. Poulter tagged the school in his reply and a few days later the heckler found himself unemployed. I don’t know what Ian was doing when he was heckled. If he was playing a shot or felt threatened I’d understand him wanting the fan removed from the grounds. But to get the guy fired from his job makes Ian look like the insecure prick he is. I fucking hate him even more, if that was possible. The heckler’s name is J.J. Downum. His Twitter account has been removed. If anyone knows him or how I could reach him please pass his info along. I’d love to give him a forum to hate on Ian and tell his side of the story.

Big 3 Down To 2

Last week I told you that Arnold Palmer’s health was an issue. We still don’t know the whole story, but at least now we know he has a shoulder injury. I hoped he’d heal and be well enough to hit his ceremonial tee shot at the Masters in a few weeks but today Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte told the interwebs that Palmer was out for the Masters. He’ll still be at Augusta National for much of the week but he’ll let Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus handle the ceremonial stuff.

Palmer hasn’t played in the event in 12 years. He’s been hitting the opening tee shot for the last 8. He stopped playing the Par 3 Contest just recently. Now it seems his time as a ceremonial starter has also ended.

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2 Responses to SpiethCenter, Arnold Palmer, And More In Another Edition Of Hump Day Musings

  1. kdog says:

    Dumbass didn’t deserve to get fired. But he acted like a dick. I hate Poulter too, buck heckling is a douche move

  2. Marc Rettus says:

    What’s to hate about ESPN? How about giving “The Most Courageous” award to Bruce Jenner for wearing dresses, bras, and panties in public?

    Does purchasing a ticket, and that’s a big assumption considering how many comps are out there, really give a person the “right” to be disrespectful to another human being?

    And, sure, it was a Cub fan, so right away we are not talking mensa material, but recently a Cub fan stated he had the RIGHT to heckle another fan, with that fan’s family present. That Cub fan showed the world what a pussy he was when the heckled fan got in his face.

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