Up And Comer Of The Month: March 2016

Diversity Is A Beautiful Thing

February has come and gone, and with the flip of the calendar page we say good bye to Elise Lobb. She served us well. She was an admirable first Up And Comer. Now say hello to Ms. March – the KLPGA’s Shin-Ae Ahn, but you can call her Sharon.

Is that photo shopped? I. Do. Not. Care. Ms. Ahn brings the SFG Up And Comer some much needed diversity. Why, because she’s Asian? No. She’s actually from New Zealand – you racist fucks. Ahn moved to New Zealand when she was 9 and was the original Kiwi teen phenom before Lydia Ko knocked her off her pedestal. Sharon and Ko are friends. The interwebs tell me Ahn has had quite a bit of work done. The good, well…you can see the goods. The bad? She’s starting to look a bit plastic in more recent pictures. For being only 25 that probably means she’ll be a train wreck at 40. Can she play? Absolutely. She’s won on the KLPGA and has a pretty good swing. Imagine what she could do without the bolt-ons.


She’s not really my type, but I dig the socks. I also thought I’d go out of the box on this one.


I’m sensing a Hello Kitty comment in…




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4 Responses to Up And Comer Of The Month: March 2016

  1. yt says:

    Nice find! I had some suggestions but I’m a lazy fuck. I’ll submit for April.

  2. Herb Montgomery says:

    Kitty with a T!

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  4. Brot Head says:

    She can probably give a nice nuru massage.

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