Site News: Up And Comer Of The Month

We All Must Evolve

The WAG of the Month feature on this site has become boring and stale. Quite frankly, the boys on Tour aren’t churning out enough lovely ladies at their side to make my monthly selections worthy. So its dead, gone, finished. Instead, as you can see, SFG will turn its focus to the Up and Comers of the ladies game. Paige Spiranic, the 2015 WAG of the Year, inspired this. Any girl playing (even vaguely) in college, the Futures Tour, or the LPGA is eligible. I can’t accept a high schooler as a nominee. I don’t need to be arrested. We’ll still have a WAG of the Year. We’ll still show WAGs all the time. But now we’ll enter a new realm and introduce the general public to a new breed of golfers. Some you may already now but we’ll do our best to keep it fresh. I’m also going to need your help find applicants so send your nominees in early and often.

With that, lets get right to our first Up And Comer of the Month for 2016 (UACM). For February the award goes to Elise Lobb. Like Paige, Elise burst on the scene as a pretty girl with a good swing showing her skills on Youtube and Instagram.

Playing behind a foursome got me like….. #timetobreakoutthesnacks #golf 💗✨⛳️

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

The Florida girl is apparently a University of Northern Florida student but has no affiliation with the golf team from what I can tell. She’s probably not good enough to think about playing professionally, but does have aspirations to be on the Golf Channel. I could see that, especially if they every do a fitness show. Elise does plenty of that on her Youtube channel.

There you have it. We’ve never been shy on T &A here and that won’t stop now. Enjoy Elise while you have her because February is a short month.

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1 Response to Site News: Up And Comer Of The Month

  1. yt says:

    Love the new UACM feature. Love this site. You should do a swing analysis of each UACM, nothing pervy about that at all…

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