The Shutters 2015: Tweeter Of The Year

A Little Explanation

I usually start my year end awards with this one. Perhaps it is my “best supporting actor” equivalent. This year I thought I’d give Tweeters a little more time to make their case for a nomination. This Shutter isn’t only awarded for what you Tweet. It is for any golf media personality that makes their thoughts and musings public for us to enjoy. ESPN’s Jason Sobel won the inaugural award in 2013. Last year the No Laying Up crew destroyed the competition on their way to a landslide victory. As you can see, it meant a lot to them.

Bloggers, media, tour pros…everyone is eligible. You get it, right? Ok then, on to the award presenting shit.

The Nominees Are…

@GhostofHogan, Paul Regali – From what I can gather Paul is a a club pro in the Pacific Northwest. He’s pretty funny and has a dry wit about all things golf. He’s also tight (at least on Twitter) with Champions Tour member Steve Elkington. He’s not afraid to drop his opinion and call a spade a spade. For example:

I find myself rarely disagreeing with Ghost, who is very much the class clown of Twitter golf. If you’re not following him and you’re reading this drivel, go find him and click that blue button.

@PGA Tour – This seems too empty and main stream to make my usual list of nominees, doesn’t it? I’d normally stay away from such a corporate handle, but something has happened to the Ponte Vedra tweeter in the last 12 months. They started dropping embedded quick videos in almost every 140 character (or less) message sent.

As shown above, most of what they do are highlights from whatever tournament is going on. If you’re stuck in the office or out on the course, following this account while away from a broadcast is the next best thing. They never waste your time with a dud clip. Also, their timing is amazing. A guy can hit a shot on the broadcast or early round stream and they’ll tweet it, if deemed worthy, within about a minute. In 2014 such greatness just didn’t happen on this handle. Maybe that was due to a Twitter shortcoming. I don’t know. Whatever the case, they’re most definitely deserving of being a nominee in 2015. Well done, Mr. Finchem, or whomever is behind the curtain as the Wizard of Sawgrass.

@Adam_Sarson, Operations Supervisor at The Score – I don’t know what the fuck the Score is, and I don’t know who or what Adam is supervising over there, but what I do know is this guy is the king of Twitter Golf GIFs (his Twitter bio says all that Score stuff). I also know that his website,, will have you belly laughing at the weekly golf GIFs he posts. And if you’re following him on Twitter, you’ve probably experienced one of them that pops up in your timeline at the most opportune time to make you chuckle.

Paul Peterson takes a bow.

There isn’t a blogger out there that doesn’t ‘reference’ one of Adam’s works of art at some point in a week. I know I use them plenty of them just from his tweets. And he typically watermarks them so I don’t feel too bad about posting them on my site and giving him any additional accolades he deserves. Mr. Sarson isn’t a one trick pony either. His recent series of posts on his site featuring the Golfer Watch-ability Index was phenomenal. I highly recommend you visit his site and give all 5 parts your attention.

@SecretTourPro, Unknown European Tour Professional Golfer – Who is this cat? He won’t say. Why anyone wants to know is beyond me. STP drops hints from time to time, but if we find out who he is he’ll probably delete his account and go away. He says things his sponsors, and future sponsors, probably don’t want to hear. He’s blunt. He gets drunk and tweets. And he isn’t afraid to set up shop and answer his followers questions openly and honestly.

What’s not to like? Well, for starters, sometimes all the cock teasing about his identity can be a little excessive and annoying. I like the info he presents. I like how freely he speaks. But I don’t like some of the rants he goes on that can clog up my timeline with bullshit.

And The Winner Is…

First off, let me apologize to anyone who felt they should have been nominated that wasn’t (hey Fonseca!). There were plenty of ‘almosts’ for this category. If you feel wronged, I ask you to simply step up your game for the next 12 months. Dazzle me. You’ll get there someday. For 2015, the Shutter goes to……

Not STP, for the reasons I gave above. I’ve almost unfollowed him too many times this year to present him with an award. I might not have nominated him at all but my readers did and I like to give the people what they want. Ghost? Nope. His dry wit works in small doses, but he’s got bit too much of this Costanza gimmick going on for me to award him a Shutter.

The winner is Sarson. The PGA Tour Twitter handle has been great, but Sarson never fails to amuse. What put him over the top? I don’t know. The Watchability series was great, but his ever present reoccurring Tweet shown below that appears any time El Nino gets a mention might have had something to do with it.

Somehow that never gets old to me. Congrats to Mr. Sarson on his victory. Perhaps he can GIF himself getting a Shutter for his acceptance speech. Keep up the good work in 2016.

Did I get this right? Who knows? This is your chance to set me straight. Hit the poll below to weigh in. The Shutters will return next week with the WAG of the Year to wrap things up.

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1 Response to The Shutters 2015: Tweeter Of The Year

  1. yt says:

    Despite the recent tournament results, I’m hoping Paige is WAG of the year. Hopefully, the idiots who are harassing her for her 101st place finish don’t discourage her from keeping up with her instagram.

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