The Shutters 2015: Shot Of The Year

Back But Likely Not Better

Whew. That was a long commercial break in between awards. A whole 4 day weekend with a holiday can do that to an awards show. But fear not, the Shutters are back and they’re coming down the home stretch. This post is for the Shot of the Year. Let me remind you that this isn’t just for shots hit on the PGA Tour, no no. Any golf shot hit anywhere is eligible. If you have a nominee that you caught on camera I’d love to see it (for next year). Last year I nominated myself for my hole in one. Maybe in 2016 you’ll win a Shutter yourself. If you do, I promise I’ll send you something to recognize your achievement. On with the show.

The Nominees Are…

Rickie Fowler, 17th Hole, TPC Sawgrass, Sudden Death Playoff of Players Championship – Rick already has a Shutter for his Round of the Year and was nominated (to fill a spot) for Player of the Year. This nomination was more well deserved. A sudden death playoff for a few million dollars has enough pressure. Hitting a shot with that much on the line to an island green is just plain nutso. Fowler made a shit load of birdies just to get into the playoff, including one at the 17th. Doing it again, to that far right pin….oh come on.

To even fire at that hole location is stupid. Hitting it to four feet. That is big time. Making the putt and walking off a hero helps his cause too. What hurts it is the fact that he played the hole 6 times for the week and made 5 birdies. While that ratio is outstanding it does take away from what he did in the playoff.

My Buddy’s Dad, Random Round Of Golf In May – I can’t give you too many more details of the who, but the sequence of shots was epic enough to earn a nomination. My friend and I were enjoying our round from the back tees. His dad and brother-in-law were enjoying a case of Coors Lights while playing the white tees. At the 14th hole, and about the 14th beer, daddio hit his tee shot in the fairway on an average length par 4 with a hard dog leg. Having cut the corner a bit, my friend and I waited up ahead while his father hit. We were parked off to the side of the fairway. His 2nd shot pegged our cart and bound into the junk where we spent a few minutes looking for it.

That part was funny enough, but not earth shattering. Then after finding his ball, he took a drop, lined up to hit it to the green, and smashed it right back into our cart again (well off line, again). The ball bounced off a bag and buried itself into the bottom of the part where the bags sit. The four of us laughed so hard we almost had to let the group behind play through. I guess you had to be there. He did hit his next shot on the green and 3 putted for an apparent 9.

Sammy Schmitz, USGA Mid-Am Championship Match 33rd Hole, Jones Island Club West Course – That headline kind of says it all. Schmitz was 2 up in his match when he struck his tee shot on the 15th hole of the Jones Island Club West Course. His opponent had already played. He and the caddie knew it was a good shot, but the delayed reaction from the crowd is what told them it went in. The long lost video is in the tweet below, sort of.

Of course they didn’t have the camera on the actual target. And the tee was moved up to make the hole only about 265 yards for the day. Still, an albatross for an ace that putts you dormie to go to Augusta…..that’s worthy of anyone’s Shot of the Year. Just don’t get me started on Sam’s amateur status or GoFundMe page.

Jordan Spieth, 2nd Shot on 72nd Hole, U.S. Open, Chambers Bay – You have to remember this one, right? I almost nominated Spieth’s 2nd shot at 13 on Sunday at Augusta, but then I re-watched both and realized this one was much better. I’m not even sure he got all of the one at the Masters. This one was pure, and Jordy knew it when he hit it. After birding 16 to take command of the Open, Speith’s colossal fuck up on the 71st hole meant he needed to make something happen on 18. From 284 yards he swung his 3 wood true while tied for the lead.

If he’d made the putt and Johnson was already in at 5 under this would be a slam dunk. It’s still good enough to possibly win the Shutter, it just isn’t the all-timer it could have been.

Richard Green, Oates Vic Open Pro-Am, Albatross – Richard Green is a successful tour pro from Australia that most Americans have no clue about. What I have no clue about is what the fuck the Oates Vic Open is, but that is neither here nor there. What Green did during the tournament’s pro-am was simply amazing. Luckily there’s video evidence of it, otherwise I may not believe it.

Did you see that? Did some type of gremlin toss his ball out of the bunker? Did it carom off a rake? Whatever happened, it was incredibly lucky. And that might be why Green’s miracle shot doesn’t win the Shutter. It was more of a fluke than it was a shot of skill.

And The Winner Is…

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Only one of the shots noted above was directly involved in winning a national championship. Under those circumstances, I have to reward such brilliance. The winner is Sammy Schmitz. No, I’m fucking pulling your leg. Schmitz’ shot is great, but it doesn’t carry the weight of what Jordan Spieth pulled off. I know Dustin Johnson did almost the exact same thing as Jordan 10 minutes later on that hole, but he did so with a 5 iron, not a 3 wood. He also didn’t win. That’s part of the equation and why’s Spieth’s 3 wood is the winner. Did I get it right? Maybe. I’m prone to getting it wrong too. Hit the poll and let me know. And if you pick “other” you should leave a comment to say what your other is. Thanks for playing.


Site News

Shit, we almost forgot. December is here and that means there’s a new WAG of the Month. In honor of her husband winning his home country’s national championship, Melissa Weber-Jones is the new WAG of the Month. This is Melissa’s 2nd win as she previously won the award for a month in 2014. Sunday in Australia we got to see her, some strap boob, and her hubby snub her kiss for a hug with the nanny. Hopefully her WAG win makes up for the nanny snub.

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2 Responses to The Shutters 2015: Shot Of The Year

  1. Kevin says:

    I was thinking Fowler’s drive on 18 at the player’s was the shot of the year. Hard to give it to a simple drive in the fairway, but simple it was not. It was pure balls and the longest of the tournament (I believe). Piped with danger on both sides of the fairway. That drive setup an eventual birdie to get him into the playoff. That drive was no joke and fearless.

  2. Bixy says:

    Ha ha the Oates Vic Open is my home state’s Open (Victoria). Oates is the sponsor, a cleaning products company if memory serves me correct.

    Only the biggest and best.

    Gotta agree, Spieth’s 3 wood is clear winner in my eyes.

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