Non-American Golf Tour Weekend Round Up

What The Fuck Else Did You Want Me To Call This Post? 

No, seriously….that’s what this post is going to be about. I already wrapped up the whateveryoucallit (fill in sponsor name here) PGA Tour event played at Sea Island. And I did that only out of obligation to you. It was probably the most boring tournament played in professional golf this past week thanks to Kevin Kisner slaughtering the field with his final round 64. Meanwhile, in Dubai, Rory McIlroy was setting his sights on becoming the best player in the world (BPITW) again in 2016. The former BPITW shot a final round 66 to pass Andy Sullivan whom he trailed by a shot heading into the final round. For his efforts Rory also grabbed the Race To Dubai title and some extra cash.






Please feel free to caption that photo of Rors with girlfriend Erica Stoll. Something along the lines of “if only it were that big” isn’t going to get it done. Be creative. So what else can you take away from what happened in Dubai. Rory looks good and primed for another big time run in 2016. This was vintage.

The sound that ball made….my god. You can hear it piercing the air 200 yards away. What Mr. McIlroy does in the next few months while he’s off will make or break him. I think he’s rededicated, but we likely won’t see him in the U.S. until March at the Honda. That’s sounds like forever, but if you stay up late or get up early you’ll be able to catch him back in Dubai and other middle eastern events the ET plays in January/February. It was also nice to see that he’s still with Stoll. We here at SFG are a big fan of his former Ryder Cup escort (that sounds so dirty, doesn’t it?).

What else is there to know? Most of the Euro players are a bit irked that Rory was even eligible to play in the Dubai event. Remember the hubbub around Ian Poulter needing to play an extra event to qualify as a member? That rule doesn’t apply to Rory. He was allowed in having played only a handful of Euro events, and only 1 that actually took place in Europe (depending on where you think Turkey is).

Danny Willett was the Dubai points leader before this week. He told the Euro golf media what he thought of the Rory exception, and rightfully so, but he also said he understood it because of what Rory brings to the event. That’s pretty sensible of him. If you take McIlroy out of these would you have the same prize money? I think not. Do I care what their rules are? Fuck no. I think its stupid that our WGC events here don’t automatically include past winners, like Tiger, when the player isn’t ranked in the top 50 spots in the world.

“The Old Bastard Has Won Again”

That’s a precise quote said by Australian Peter Senior on Sunday after he won his 3rd Australian Masters. Senior is 56 years old and hadn’t won the Aussie Masters in 20 years. Doing this at his age is near the equivalent of what Tom Watson almost pulled off at the 2009 British Open, although, the Aussie field was fairly week. Senior said he just got hot and the shorter golf course fit his style. Congrats to him on his historic victory.

Peter Senior of Australia poses with the trophy after winning the 2015 Australian Masters at Huntingdale.

In victory Senior held off SFG favorite Bryson DeChambeau, the reigning U.S. Amateur champ, by two shots. BC has left SMU due to the school’s golf program being put on probation and therefore being ineligible for NCAA play. DeChambeau must remain an amateur to play in the Masters in April. To prep for Augusta it appears he has decided to journey over seas and get in any field he can. He played great at the Aussie Masters finishing in a tie for 2nd with John Senden and Andrew Evans. My only question is, who paid for the trip? Perhaps the DeChambeau family is wealthy enough to spend that kind of dough for their son. Or maybe he’s putting his travel expenses on a credit card until some club company pays him a nice chunk of change when he turns pro in 2016. Can the Aussie Masters pay his way? Did he use GoFundMe like the Mid-Am champ? Whatever the case, I like his strategy unless he also used GoFundMe. I think his experiences in events of this ilk will prepare him for the professional game and he’ll come out swinging when he’s playing for cash next summer.

Steven Bowditch is Australian and therefore everyone’s favorite uni-browed golfer was in the field in Oz. He hit a wild one off the tee during the tourney and clipped this poor motherfucker right in the beak.

Fucking bugger! That looks painful. Hopefully Bowditch picked up any medical costs.

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  1. danrock44 says:

    Let’s see: Rory is a tour pro and his wife/gf is blonde. How about
    “stay away from DJ, his is this big”

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