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Jones’n Down Under

Strap Boob And A Snub In Victory Matt Jones lead his home country’s open through 3 rounds at ten under par. The Aussie journeyman’s final round was never going to be easy thanks to Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott giving … Continue reading

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Fuck The USGA

A Crazy Mother Fucker Named ShutFace Yes, I’m an N.W.A. fan. Am I not allowed to be as a golfer? Whatever your opinion on gangsta rap is be damned, we’re here today to condemn the USGA for their recent decisions … Continue reading

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Non-American Golf Tour Weekend Round Up

What The Fuck Else Did You Want Me To Call This Post?  No, seriously….that’s what this post is going to be about. I already wrapped up the whateveryoucallit (fill in sponsor name here) PGA Tour event played at Sea Island. … Continue reading

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Kisner Kills Field In Sea Island: Final Thoughts On RSM Classic

Cold Blooded Kevin Kisner looks like a stock broker on the golf course….like a guy who wears loafers to mow the lawn. He doesn’t show much if any emotion while playing. And when you see him on TV you wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The Shutters 2015: Player Of The Year

Back From Nowhere I’m sure when the Shutters (my year end awards) started you weren’t expecting them to go nearly two weeks without an award being given out. Shit happens. I had to leave town for a bit last week … Continue reading

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Oh Mexico, GMac Is A Monday Winner At Mayakoba

The Whole Sombrero  I’ve seen GMac win in France in somewhat bad weather. I’ve seen him win the Heritage with wind and rain afoot. And we’ve all seen him win his only major on a blustery, chilly June week at … Continue reading

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Fort Knox – Final Thoughts On WGC-HSBC

Assist From The Wife Did you watch the HSBC event in China last weekend? No? Why not? It was on in the middle of the night in North America. What the fuck else did you have to do? The field … Continue reading

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The Shutters 2015: Round Of The Year

Getting A Round To It Nothing like starting your post with a bad pun, am I right? Hey, this is an awards show. The writing is supposed to suck. Last week we gave out the Shutter for Whiny Bitch of … Continue reading

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Unfiltered Golf With Golf Unfiltered

Long Awaited, Likely Understated If you follow me on Twitter (quite frankly, if you don’t, what the fuck?) then you know I’ve been trolling……errrrrrr……angling to be on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast for a few months. Ok, fuck it. This was … Continue reading

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Justin Thomas Is The Man In Malaysia: Final Thoughts On CIMB Classic

20 Somethings Reign The 2016 PGA Tour season has started with 3 young guns winning, all under 25 years old, now that Justin Thomas has won the CIMB in Malaysia. Thomas is the umpteenth Tour winner in a row in … Continue reading

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