Random Shit To Get You To The Weekend

No PGA Tour Golf This Week, No Problem

I’m fucking with you. That is a serious problem. Yes we have football back in full throat to fill the void, but not having real professional golf played at the highest level gracing my television on Sunday will make my life feel empty. You do have the Dunhill Links Cup being played at St. Andrews by the European Tour if you need a fix. The Golf Channel will also be showing the finals of the Web.com Tour for you to take in during commercials of your favorite games. Until then, this is all I have for you, a steaming load of random shit for you to devour. Enjoy.

Stuffing The Ballot Box

In no way am I trying to promote Jason Day for Player of the Year while bringing down Jordan Spieth in this blip of my post. I’m simply showing you a little more of their lives away from the course. Spieth is going to accept the POTY award from the Tour sometime on Friday via teleconference, as he should. Perhaps in an attempt to gain a few more votes, or maybe as a tribute to a great season, Day’s sponsor (RBC) put out a fantastic mini-biography on Jason Day’s upbringing in Australia. This is worth ten minutes of your time. Check it out:

Did you cry? Come on asshole, you did, didn’t you? What a great piece and story of overcoming obstacles to get to number 1. Plus, I know you pervs checked out Ellie’s prego- cleavage that popped out in a brief clip.

Jordan Spieth doesn’t have Day’s background. His family life was pretty damn stable. His image is squeaky clean. Is he human? Yes, yes he is. As GolfWRX’s Ben Alberstadt points out on Twitter, Jordan follows “Slamming Bodies”. Yeah, what 22 year old doesn’t like to ogle tits on the internet? He also follows bikini model Devin Brugman.

Embedded image permalink

I love it. Hey, we’re guys. We do shit like that. I have a friend who’s a bit of a public figure that has a separate Twitter account so that he can follow porn stars. Maybe Spieth should follow his lead. AT&T, Under Armor, and other sponsors might advise him to start doing so.

Worst Putt Ever Struck?

That’s possible, but I’m guessing Michael J. Fox could yip it worse. If you’ve avoided Twitter and other places on the internet where things go viral then perhaps you haven’t seen what Ernie Els did today at the aforementioned Dunhill Links Cup. The video says it all:

Shit happens. We’ve all tweaked a putt like that at some point, yet all the trolls of the interwebs went for Els jugular when berating him for his gaffe. I can’t watch it more than once. Its like a bad injury that is shown too many times during a football game.

Big Foot Will Be Doing Interviews Next Week

Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press tracked down Anthony Kim and actually got an interview with him. Yes, that is a factual statement. Kim sounded like a straight shooter with Doug. The highlights of the interview are that Kim really is hurt and is still recovering from several surgeries. He does get paid by an insurance company for not being on Tour. He’d like to come back to the Tour, but it won’t be until he’s fully recovered. And he doesn’t play much golf. I guess that squashes some of the fun rumors about his life.

The interview is a huge nut for Ferguson and it likely makes him the front runner for my year end award that goes to a golf media type. You can read the interview here on Golfweek’s site.

Site News

Yes, the season is over, but no…that does not mean I’ll be posting less. I don’t change my frequency. I post as much as my real job, golf game, and family life allow. Plus, I’ll be starting my year-end awards – the Shutters – in the very near future. Oh yeah, I’ve also updated my WAG of the Month for October. That went to Gerina Piller.

Her husband Martin played on the Web.com Tour this year and will be a full blown PGA Tour member in 2016. She’s the WAG of the Month because she made the biggest putt in the history of the Solheim Cup….well, and because she has huge tits.

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2 Responses to Random Shit To Get You To The Weekend

  1. danrock44 says:

    Was Speith’s girlfriend at East Lake? Is he still w her? Was that the reason for his 2 missed cuts?

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