Day Drives To #1: Final Thoughts On BMW Championship

Cheers To The New Number 1

Dominant. That’s the only word I can think of to describe Jason Day right now. Day won again this week at the BMW Championship at Conway Farms, and he did so by 6 shots en route to becoming the new number 1 in the official world rankings. The win is Day’s 5th of the year and 4th in 6 starts since he missed the playoff at the Open Championship by one shot. Fuck me – that is a nice run. The scene of Day winning, embracing his caddie, then smooching his wife with son Dash at his ankles is becoming all to familiar.

Day told Steve Sands of NBC/Golf Channel that Sunday was the hardest round of his life because he knew his coveted number 1 ranking loomed if he could hold on to win the 3rd Fed Ex Cup event. Day was solid on the weekend with two rounds of 69, and that is all he needed to be after his 61-63 start to the championship. Read that again. The man was 18 under through half the tournament. That in itself is the statement he made this week. He was also paired with now former world number 1, Jordan Spieth, when he figuratively bullied him off the golf course with those spectacular rounds.

There is no weakness to Day’s game right now. He does everything well. He’s on fire. And I’ll by dumbfounded if he doesn’t win the Tour Championship next week. After that we might not see JDay for a while. He has no need to play in the fall events. His wife is very pregnant, and with a new baby at home I doubt we’ll see him go back to Australia to play any of the Aussie majors that are contested in November/December. It is a shame, but Day might lose his lofty ranking simply by not playing.

Five wins is more than four. Two majors is more than one. But those two short and simple sentences just about sum up the Player of the Year argument that is going on in the Twittersphere this week. Lucky for us, the season isn’t over just yet. I’ve said for weeks if Day wins again and wins the Fed Ex Cup he’ll have made a legitimate case for himself as the POTY in spite of Jordan Spieth’s two majors. Now that it has happened I’m even more torn. I think if Day takes the Tour Championship at East Lake (should I say when?) then he will have locked up the award. Jordan winning in Atlanta would obviously do the same thing for him. After that….well, tough call. And we don’t get to decide, the players themselves vote on the subject matter. Will they weigh 2 majors with more value than Fed Ex glory? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Field

A month ago almost all golf pundits would have selected Justin Thomas or Tony Finau as the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Thomas had plenty of close calls and several top 10 finishes sprinkled throughout 2015. Finau played well in the PGA Championship and had been making noise on Tour for a month. Now neither of those players is in the field at the Tour Championship as they finished outside of the top 30 in Fed Ex points.

Instead of Thomas or Finau locking up the ROTY, Daniel Berger has emerged as the top rookie in the Tour Championship thanks to a 2nd place showing at the BMW. The perception of most golf fans that have paid attention this year would be that Thomas should win the award going away. They’d also be shocked to learn that JT isn’t going to East Lake. They’d probably also assume that Berger didn’t have a great year and one good week in Chicagoland is what vaulted him up the standings. That is only partially true. Berger is only one top ten finish behind Thomas and now (thanks to that 2nd place showing) he has also made more money. Berger is the pick. Numbers don’t lie.

Harris English finished 30th in the standings and gets to play this week in the ATL. In past years English has narrowly finished on the wrong side of the East Lake bubble and been eliminated after the BMW. That means he also didn’t get the Masters invite that goes to to the Tour Championship contestants. He might be the happiest guy in the field next week.

Rory McIlroy played at Conway Farms last week. He even played well enough to contend (for 2nd place) for most of the weekend. He appears to be rounding in to form and will likely be a threat to Day’s reign next week. Rory in contention means we also got to sneak a few peeks at his new Lunar Control 3 shoes from Nike.

No, those aren’t Pumas made for Dick Fowler. Those are $wooshes on the toe that are hard to recognize unless you’re starring down at them on your feet. The shoes, as shown only in the above color scheme, are really fucking ugly. The front being white while the backs are orange is a horrific look. The 2nd best player in the world shouldn’t have to look this stupid on the golf course.

Shots Of Day

That isn’t a typo. And yes, this is usually the spot in which I award a shot of the day. But alas, nothing from Sunday at the BMW caught my eye enough to give it a ‘segment’ of its own. Thanks to the PGA Tour, Jason Day’s dominance, and this clip produced by the Tour for Youtube, the Shot of the Day is an homage to the best 5 shots Jason hit for the whole weekend.

Good god, when he’s walking in putts, you better get out of the way. He’ll take no prisoners.

What…that’s it. Yes, I didn’t post a single pic of Day’s wife. Why? You saw her. She’s 8 months pregnant. Out of respect for her I will not allow you to ogle her on this site today. You sick fucks. Plus, she’s right there in the widget on the right as the reigning WAG of the Month. Don’t get greedy.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Where is your commentary on the Solheim Cup controversy?!

  2. golferjulian says:

    Hey this was a great post, look at mine

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