Rickie Goes To Havaad Baahr, Fucks Up Smaaat Kids – Final Thoughts On Deutsche Bank Championship

This Wasn’t A Ryder Cup Moment

The Fed Ex Cup and the Ryder Cup are two very different things in the world of golf, but you know that, any true golf fan knows that. The fans in Boston on Labor Day at the Deutsche Bank Championship must have simply forgot. As the championship turned into a duel between Rick Fowler and Henrik Stenson, the New England fans did everything in their power to make their presence known, especially to Stenson.

As the final group played the final round of the Deutsche Bank the field yielded to them as they made the turn. Either Fowler or Stenson would leave Boston as the champion. The winner would need to survive a heavyweight style match contested over the back nine. Stenson drew first blood and took a sizable lead. Fowler chipped away and then passed Stenson after the Euro failed to find dry land with his approach to the par three 16th hole.

The duel continued to the 18th hole where Rickie held a one shot lead. Both players found the fairway and attempted to reach the green in two. Both missed on the short side and left difficult up and downs for themselves to make birdie. When they missed birdie putts Fowler had only a tap in left to become the victor of the 2nd Fed Ex Playoff event of 2015. Outside of Stenson’s rinsed ball at 16, these two were pretty solid throughout their rounds on Monday. The golf was good, but the fans were rubbish.

The Boston crowd chanted USA and missed no opportunity to root against Henrik as he and Rickie played the back nine. I get that is was a holiday. I get that they were over served. And I’m the first person to encourage rowdy crowd behavior. But there’s no reason to root against a guy on the Tour unless he’s a dickhead like Vijay or Sergio. That isn’t the case with Stenson. Take the tough guy/drunk guy bullshit to another party.

Stenson deserved better, but Beantown fans aren’t why Stenson got beat. He beat himself with that water ball at 16. He seemed pretty hot about that one too, as if the caddie talked him into a club that caused the error. If that is true, Stenson should know better. He’s got to make the call on a club on that hole to miss long. If there was a misjudgment in the wind….hey, sometimes shit happens. Henrik finished 2nd last week in New Jersey. Another 2nd place finish this week is no fluke. Conway Farms in Chicago for the BMW in two weeks sets up great for him. And he could be getting set for a 2nd Fed Ex Cup championship.

As for Rickie, today’s win validates the great year he’s had. He’s made no bones about wanting to be mentioned in the same breath as heavy hitters Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy. He’s not far away from this being feasible. But take note, Rick, those three guys have something you don’t. A major. There’s nothing you can do to change that until April.

So Rickie wins, NBC runs and hides because they’re 10 minutes past 6 pm, and we don’t get to see girlfriend Alexis Randock come out and greet him? That is bullshit. In protest I’ll give you another look so you don’t feel slighted (like I do).

I feel a little better now. There were some rumors around the PGA Championship that the beautiful young couple had broken up. Perhaps that is why we didn’t see her on NBC’s broadcast today.

The Field

Charlie Hoffman loves the TPC Boston course. He’s won there before, and through 36 holes this week it looked like he could win again. Then he shot a 3rd round 76 and became nothing but a footnote for the rest of the weekend. A +1 round of 72 instead of that 76 and he’s in a playoff with Fowler. Hunter Mahan’s golf game came back from the dead this week just in time to make sure he’d advance to the third playoff event later this month.

Mahan’s T4 finish moved him up 39 places to secure his spot in Chicago. Welcome back to relevancy, Hunter. Oh yeah, Rory McIlroy was back in action in Boston this week. He, unlike Jordan Spieth, made the cut and finished T29. He was completely irrelevant until he shot 66 on Monday. With the week off next week I’m not sure why McIlroy didn’t play the Barclays as well. That is more evidence that the top players still don’t give two shits about the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs. And Spieth, I’m not trying to gloss over another MC for him, he played like shit, again. He’ll figure it out, but he and Jason Day are probably running on empty right now. Don’t over analyze it.

Shot Of The Day

While the golf on Monday was good, there wasn’t a shot worthy of my typical SOTD standards. I did like Rickie’s eagle putt on the 2nd hole, but I don’t give SOTDs for putts. The SOTD instead goes to Dustin Johnson’s tee shot at the 289 yard par four 4th hole from earlier in the week. He didn’t hole it for an albatross, but he did drive the green with an iron.

A fucking iron!!!!!!! I’ve never been an advocate of rolling back the ball for tour pros and I never will be, but fuck me….this is the first technology related shot that has made me scratch my head and think about it.

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1 Response to Rickie Goes To Havaad Baahr, Fucks Up Smaaat Kids – Final Thoughts On Deutsche Bank Championship

  1. Bixy says:

    Ha ha I play with a guy who hits it as far as DJ, and I’m not exaggerating. I bought a Mizuno MP-H5 1 Iron earlier this year, standard length (38″), 16 degrees of loft, and we all got out on the first tee after our round to give it a whack. Nearly winter here in Oz and he smokes it about 240m (about 260yd give or take) on the fly, which is about the same as DJ’s hit in that video. He was hitting it as far as I hit my driver.

    Guys who can hit it that far are genetic freaks (he’s a tree lopper so he’s a strong lad), and I don’t know that it’s worth changing the ball for everyone else because of the odd guy who can monster it. Good luck to them. I can still beat him cos I keep it in the same postcode 🙂

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