A New U.S. Am Champ, Lou Holtz Is Back, And Other Hump Day Musings

DeChambeau Is De Champ

Outside of the four major championships of men’s professional golf, there is no event I’d rather watch pre-final-round coverage of than the U.S. Amateur. The USGA takes this championship to classic venues we rarely get to see. As a course geek, that’s a big lure that hooks me in. Because of the USGA’s past deals with NBC and now Fox, we get to see the championship all week on television. We also get introduced to the up and coming talent about to depart from collegiate golf. This is how many of us first were introduced to Tiger Woods in 1994. In 2015, Bryson DeChambeau is the ‘it’ kid who’s star is burning brightest from the Am.

I talked about Bryson a bit last week while he was obliterating his match play opponents in his early round contests. He was no worse than 4 under par in any of the first 5 matches he played on his way to the final. The North Course at Olympia Fields was playing soft from the wet weather hitting the metro Chicago area, but the course is no push over no matter the conditions. DeChambeau also gained a bit of a cult following thanks to his unorthodox set up (equipment) and swing. As I previously noted, his irons are all the same length. Fox also told us about his strange grip and how he tinkers constantly with swing aids, training aids, etc. All that aside, when BD makes a shoulder turn and takes the club away from the ball, his move is more conventional than one would expect.

The picture above tells the rest of the story. DeChambeau, the reigning NCAA champ from SMU, won the U.S. Am on Sunday with his 7 & 6 victory over Virginia’s Derek Bard. Bryson wasn’t perfect in the match, but his ability to make birdies in bunches ended up being a big time equalizer for any error he made. DeChambeau is the 5th player in golf history to win the NCAA title and U.S. Am in the same year. The others are Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and Ryan Moore.

While joining elite company like that doesn’t guarantee professional success at the next level, I’d bet a fair amount of units that Bryson succeeds on the Tour whenever he declares his amateur days are done. He’s long. Brooks Koepka long. He’s fiery. We’ve all watched Tiger get mad and cure his ills on the course. DeChambeau has that in him too. He argued with his looper a few times in the morning part of the championship match on Sunday. When the afternoon 18 began he had a new caddie on the bag. Like Mickelson, he also has the ability to hit any shot, from anywhere, and make a bunch of red numbers in a hurry. Add all that up and he’s the closest thing there is to a sure fire star on tour in the next few years. But before that can happen he’ll be representing the U.S. in the Walker Cup in a few weeks.

Tim Finchem’s Infirmary

In Fed Ex Cup Playoff news, players were dropping (out) like flies at the Barclay’s Pro-Am on Wednesday in New Jersey. The 2015 Barclays is back at the venerable Plainfield Country Club were Dustin Johnson won a rain shortened event a few years ago. Jason Day’s team announced early on Wednesday that his back was sore and he’d be WD’ing from the Pro-Am to rest of for Thursday’s first round.

Dustin Johnson did pretty much the same thing a few hours later (I presume for the afternoon Pro-Am time) noting that he’s had chest congestion and he needed to opt out of the Wednesday festivities to rest. Day has had a few different injuries this year and has a rep that makes me give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his back. DJ? I somehow doubt his chest congestion is really the issue here. He probably saw Paulina’s latest Insty and opted out of golf to go plant some more seed in her. Have you seen this one yet?

Paulina Gretsky's ass...I'm on a boat

That is the ass of a woman that had a kid in the last year? PG seems to be getting more active in the social media world again. She either has her bikini body back (I’d say yes), or she’s having a Twitter/Instagram battle with her mother. Either way, we all win.

Sssssslou Hathz A Nu Sssshow On Sssssatilite Radio

You probably know who Lou Holtz is, but just in case, let me remind you or inform some of my non-American readers who may not be aware of him. Lou is an ex-college football coach who became famous due to leading Notre Dame to a National Championship in 1988. After retiring from coaching, Lou became an on-air personality at ESPN. He’s become a bit of a joke on the network because he sounds like this all too often.

ESPN let Lou go over the off season. So of course the blubbering idiot just got his own radio show on satellite with Fred Albers. The show will feature Lou and Fred talking all things golf for its duration. Lou does know golf. He’s a member at Augusta. And he’s also a member at Lake Nona in Orlando where several Tour pros play and practice. He knows the game, BUT HE CAN’T FUCKING TALK!!!!! How can he have a show that we have to LISTEN to when we can’t understand him?

Lou also isn’t incredibly likable. From what I understand, at Nona he often whelshs on bets he doesn’t win and he fluffs his lie in competition. Lou played in some very gray areas while the coach at Notre Dame so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. After he pisses off the members there, at some point nearly every year, Lou takes a large group of them to Augusta to play to make amends for his faults. Does this sound like a guy you want to listen to for an hour or two? My guess is the show doesn’t last long unless Lou starts giving away Augusta National secrets on the air or he invites a listener to come play ANGC with him.

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