2015 PGA Championship: Day 3

All Quiet On The Western Shore (Of Lake Michigan)

Wednesday before the Masters is exciting. Wednesday before the PGA????? Not so much. And that’s fine for the competitors. The Tuesday Champion’s dinner is done. Long drive contest, finished. And a Wednesday pro-am….nope, not here, not at a major. It is all business and press conferences, and that is why we don’t have much to talk about today. One story that has been hammered to death is Dustin Johnson returning to the scene of the crime of losing the 2010 PGA at Whistling Straits. You know the story, you know the penalty, and you know DJ doesn’t want to talk about it. So what do you think the press asked him today?

Yup. And they have to ask him that. So what did DJ say? He said he only thinks about his fuck up when the press asks him. I call bullshit on that. If true, there just isn’t much going on upstairs in that guys head, not that I thought there was anyway. I think a month ago you could have asked 100 ‘experts’ who they were picking to win the PGA and 50 would have said Johnson. After his last few rounds and his close to the British Open, he’s far from THE favorite. I think he’ll make the cut and be a non-factor. As for his bunker, the PGA blocked it with a corporate suite.


That is no accident. Sadly, it is five years too late for DJ.

Picks To Click

I’ve got three picks for Glory’s Last Shot. They’re not dark horses. They’re not long shots. The first may be a little sneaky, its Matt Kuchar. Kooch has had a quiet year and played well under expectations for a player of his caliber. He had a decent finish at the Straits in 2010 and is flying way under the radar right now. He’s not my top pick, but at 50/1 he’s a great value.

For my pick’em group I have to take Bubba. There’s only 6 weeks left of picks and I’ve used most of my big guns. Bubba has played too well over the last few months to ignore. Having lost in a playoff at the Straits 5 years ago he’s an obvious favorite. If this site paid me a dime maintain it I’d put a sheckle on Watson on 15/1.

Who’s actually going to win? My gut has said Jason day since the Monday finish at the British Open. He’s due, and his game fits the course perfectly. He’ll reach the four par 5s with ease. He hits his long irons so high that he’ll have an advantage on the par 3s. He’s got to make putts, and he’s got to play loose. That’s harder than it sounds of course. Day checks in at 12/1 if you’re wondering. I wish I still had him available in my pool.

So who is your champion? Day, Spieth, Rory, Bubba? Leave a comment and tell us why you like your pick. And try to do so before Spieth shoots 62 and you look like a schmuck for picking him.

Who Said What

Rory had his pre-tourney presser today. He was asked about Jordan Spieth and who’s the best player in the world. His answer was PC and he said something about asking him that at the end of the week. He did indicate that for 2015 to date you can’t deny what Jordan Spieth has accomplished. Rors also said he walked 72 holes last week in Portugal to test his ankle. He went for a 20 minute run this morning. And he wanted to play Firestone last week but his trainer advised him to rest one more week. How is walking 72 holes in Portugal any different than playing golf in Akron for four days?

Tiger’s presser was just plain different. The press asked him about his restaurant, the mosquitoes, Rory, and Jordan. They asked him things in the way Nicklaus and Palmer get asked things at majors, like their opinion on all things matter, but their games don’t. That doesn’t feel right when you’re at a major and Tiger Woods is holding court. This is a new world that I haven’t adjusted to yet. I need to get used to it.

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2 Responses to 2015 PGA Championship: Day 3

  1. Marty says:

    I want Kuchar, but I would bet on Fowler.

  2. Billy Batts says:

    I’ll take Shrek, he’s been hanging around near the top for awhile.

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