2015 U.S. Open: Round 3

Let’s All Get Vertigo!

Jason Fucking Day……..what else can you say? The man collapses on Friday, regroups to finish his round, and then shoots 31 on his 3rd round back nine to charge into the lead at our national championship. If he goes on to win his first major on Sunday he’ll be a living legend. That isn’t hyperbole. Look around the interwebs, the Twitter, etc. What he did yesterday was Muhammad Ali shit.  He got up off the mat, made a few bogies early, then showed the world why he’s a world class player…..all while battling vertigo.

Of course some d-bags are saying he’s faked the whole episode or Fox put him up to it for ratings. Come on. I do wonder if being a bit out of sorts as forced him to throttle back on his violent swing. That’s not a bad thing at the U.S. Open. It seems to have helped JDay in some way. Does he have anything left in the tank?

The Field

Jordan Spieth isn’t going anywhere, that I can promise you. He’ll have a say in how this championship goes down on Sunday night. For Jordan all will be determined with how many mistakes he makes and how many putts he holes. My gut says he’ll have a putt on the 72nd hole to either win or make a playoff. Patrick Reed was paired with Jordan on Saturday. It wasn’t his day. A four putt, a 76, and he’s still not out of it. He’ll need a 67 or better to contend, but Reed has that in him. JB Holmes played his way in to the thick of it with his first 3 rounds. It should be clear by now that you have to be a bomber to play well at Chambers Bay. JB fits that perfectly.

I told you on Wednesday night that Louis Oosthuizen was a value pick for the week at 80 to 1. Then he got stuck with Tiger and Rickie on Thursday and posted 77. At one point in that round he was 9 over, now he’s 10 under since his low point and 3 back of the leaders on Sunday. Another 66 from him like his round 2 and 3 scores and he’ll walk away with his 2nd major.

Dustin Johnson could be running away with the open but his big numbers keep knocking him back to the rest of the field. He doubled the 13th yesterday which zapped his two shot lead. Brandel Chamblee thinks DJ is the favorite because of how he’s driving the ball. That’s hard to disagree with as DJ did hit all 14 fairways yesterday and he leads the field in driving distance. But this is Dustin Johnson. If there was any out of bounds in play at Chambers DJ would find it on Sunday. He’s going to have a blow up spot somewhere. How he closes and what the field does around him will decide his fate.

Branden Grace (shown above with his wife) is the unmentioned player sleeping on a share of the lead with one round to play. Branden is well known to international golf fans, but not so much in the U.S. He’d be a deserving champion but not a popular one for American fans. The South African isn’t as well known as fellow countrymen Louis, Charl, Ernie, and Retief, but he might be when the dust settles on Sunday. Maybe then we’ll get to see more of his wife, her sweater meat, and we’ll find out how good looking she really is/or isn’t.

Who Ya Got? 

I think the guys at -1 or better all have a chance. The +1s and worse have too many other competitors in between them to win. I said after Thursday that I’d change my pick to Day if I could. I’ll stick with JDay. Who are you taking?

If you pick OTHER, leave a comment to say who.

Back to baby-time.


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2 Responses to 2015 U.S. Open: Round 3

  1. redsky11 says:

    One of my college golf buddies would shoot 80-85 in a normal state but would smoke and drink until he would say ‘I can’t feel my feet,’ and would post a 73. I could never play dizzy but he sure could. A positive for Day–tougher to think about choking when spending all mental energy trying to not barf.

  2. Gord says:

    I would love to know who at fox sports thinks anyone wants to hear an idiot like joe buck discuss golf. He’s annoying/smarmy/pompous enough on baseball why does he have to be inflicted on golf fans. Nantz adds nothing but at least he’s a db like Buck. I can’t imagine there is some secret marketing report at fox saying that America can’t get enough of joe buck.

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