Lingmerth Get First Win: Final Thoughts On Memorial

His Name Sounds Like Slang For Fake Pubic Hair

But that isn’t why you should remember who David Lingmerth is. He’s now a bonafide PGA Tour winner, and what a way to break your hymen. Until today David Lingmerth is best known as the diminutive man who once finished 2nd in the Players Championship. That was a pretty nice pay day, but it doesn’t come with all the benefits of finding the winners circle. With his win at Jack’s place Lingmerth went from a ‘have not’ to a ‘have’ while also shedding the label of ‘journeyman’ for the foreseeable future.

How’d this happen? First of all, DL played his ass off all week. He slept on the lead on Friday night and the result was an even par 72 on Saturday that left him 3 strokes off the lead. Golf journos were already writing columns that gave Justin Rose the win. Lingmerth wasn’t going to go away that easy. He told ESPN’s Jason Sobel that it wasn’t his turn to lose. Lingmerth stayed strong throughout the day and had the best round of the contenders outside of Spieth.

He was a green and fairway machine, and didn’t flinch on any of the testy comeback putts that other players seemed to barf on. His swing, which reminds me of a midget wrestling a bear, isn’t a thing of beauty but it is effective and the results don’t lie. Once he posted 15 under and bounced Spieth from the clubhouse lead, the Memorial was his….until Rose devoured the 17th with a birdie and made a miracle par on 18 to tie (more on that later). The playoff lasted another 3 holes until Lingmerth prevailed with a solid par on the 10th hole while Rose floundered thanks mostly to an errant tee shot. The 3 hole sudden death match wasn’t pretty, both players made gutsy pars on to keep it going, but Lingmerth’s green and fairway game on the final hole was the difference.

The Winner’s Mrs.

So did you see DL’s wife? Yeah. I know you did. She wasn’t the trophy wife you often see run out on to the final green when homie makes the winning putt. I’m not saying she was ugly, she’s just not an Instagram model like you were hoping for.

What do we know about her? Not much. Really nothing except that her name is Megan. We also know that her boobs are not huge. Sorry, that is all I got. If you have more to share please do so and drop a line in the comments.

The Field

Outside of a major, shooting even par in a final round on the PGA Tour probably isn’t going to get the job done. Even with a 3 shot 54 hole lead like Justin Rose had. Rose won just over a month ago. He is in great form. I think he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Sunday. He made 4 bogies in his first 8 holes after making only 4 all week before that. Still, he came back with a slew of birdies and birdied 17 to tie the lead. Then this happened in his attempt to hit his 2nd shot into 18:

Holy shit! That might be the worst pressure shot I’ve ever seen a Tour star hit under such circumstances. Rose’s swing is too good to hit a shank like that, but it happened. And that wasn’t a sniper taking out the fan on the grassy knoll. That was where Rosie’s ball landed. Poor dude met Rose when he came to claim his ball and got a fist bump. He also passed tests for a concussion. And after all that Rose got it up and down to make the playoff. That’s big time, and especially hard after shanking the previous shot.

Francesco Molinari was in the hunt today and played in the final group with Rose. The former Mario brother had a share of the lead late on the back 9 then went all Life Aquatic at 16 when he hit a chunky pulled 8 iron in the drink. That shot was terrible. Worse than Rose’s shank from the fairway bunker. Must be a Euro thing because we know Ian Poulter is good at that too. If only they hit these in the Ryder Cup.

Mr. Spieth was in Ohio this week. He was pretty quiet for most of the tournament until he made his typically Sunday back 9 push to the top of the leaderboard.  His eagle on 15 put him in the hunt and his clutch birdie on 18 gave him the clubhouse lead and a round of 65. I thought for a while his -13 total might hold up. Yawn. Jordan’s Sunday heroics are becoming the norm.

In his prime, Tiger’s off weeks were like Spieth’s. That feels like a lifetime ago. TW did make the cut and complete four rounds at Muirfield Village. And that is about the only nice thing you can say about his 2015 Memorial. Through 2 rounds he did enough to make you think if he could hit some fairways a few scores in the 60s could bloom for the weekend. Uhh….nope. On Saturday TW went nuclear. You saw it. He shot 85. EIGHTY-FUCKING-FIVE. His worst round as a professional. Both nines in the 40s, 42-43. A quad on the 18th hole. All this on a course he’s owned throughout his career and won 5 times on. That knocked him to dead fucking last meaning he played as a single on Sunday and was back home in Orlando for lunch. He should be thankful Jeff Knox isn’t a member at Muirfield Village.

I don’t know where to start with Tiger. Panic seems like the right mindset, but you have to remember that this is about his 6th event in 12 months. There is still a lot of rust to knock off. He did shoot a few good rounds at the Masters, but he has to feel lost. His U.S. Open start will be put under the microscope, and that is a huge understatement.

Phil beat Tiger. Sort of.

Is this Obama’s socialist PGA Tour? That is a cute little anecdote. Memorial doesn’t really suit Phil for some reason. Phil did drive it well from what I saw in the early featured group coverage on Sunday morning. He’s not lost like Tiger. He could easily find something between now and Chambers Bay and just go ahead and win the fucking thing.

I Heart Erik Compton

If you missed the CBS coverage on Sunday then you missed an all-timer of a Nantz factoid. Most of the stuff Jim tells us about players shown on camera is schmaltzy and cheesy bullshit. Not this one. Jimmy needed the Kleenex once CBS started the commercial break.

He told us about two time heart transplant recipient Erik Compton’s dining experience earlier in the week in Columbus. Compton’s server at the restaurant he went to heard about his transplant. She commented to him that her nephew had perished 8 years ago and was an organ donor. When Compton asked his name, he told her that her nephew was his donor. According to Nantz, some tears were shed by Compton and the waitress. What a small world.

Shot Of The Day

Rose’s up and down on the final hole of regulation is worthy of the SOTD. But the eagle-chip-in from Jordan Spieth at 15 to get him in the hunt was better.

Spieth’s late charges are becoming the norm, as I said earlier, and so are heroics like this.

WAG Of The Month

Did you notice the calendar has turned to June and a new SFG WAG of the Month has been crowned? I went with Mrs. Chris Kirk for this page in the calendar. Kirk had a great win in May and his wife is easy on the eyes. Sometimes that is all it takes to get the nod, well…..that and Alexis Randock isn’t eligible as the reigning SFG WAG of the Year.

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2 Responses to Lingmerth Get First Win: Final Thoughts On Memorial

  1. yt says:

    I was at a PGA event last year and followed the first morning group. There weren’t many people at that hour, but Lingmerth happened to be in that group. There was an attractive blond that I assumed was Lingmerth’s WAG by the way she kept pace in line with him, however, she also kept her distance “sideways” from the onlookers as if she didn’t want to be seen or as if she was a stalker. In fact, it was more interesting to observe her movements rather than observing the golf in front of us. It also helped that she was wearing a nice short tennis skirt.

  2. valpo95 says:

    Went to the Memorial in 2004. Didn’t have a ticket and had difficulty finding anyone selling a ticket until I saw some kids selling water in a park by the course. They asked if I needed a ticket and offered to sell me a caddy badge. They took $20 and I was able to attend both Saturday and Sunday, no questions asked. While walking past the 14th hole, there was a hospitality house that was labeled, “Players, Players Families, Caddies”. So, I observed and saw mostly tour kids coming and going with beer. It was hot so I decided to go into the house (with caddy badge visible), was greeted by a nice 20 something girl who showed me where beverages and food was. I had a couple of beers and went on my way. Sunday I decided to stop, but this time the house was filled with adults watching the tourney on TV. I made my way to the pull out fridge, poured a beer into a plastic cup, said thanks to I who I am assuming was the homeowners and left. Always enjoy watching the Memorial, especially when they show 14 on TV.

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