Aces Wild On Friday

288 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

The Mechanic, also known as the Most Interesting Man In Golf, is back in the groove this week at the Open de Espana. Keegan Bradley and his caddie weren’t with in 3000 miles, FYI. So what could Miguel Jimenez do of interest worthy of a Saturday morning post on this site? No, he didn’t leak a sex tape of he and his wife swinging. He made an ace in his home country’s Open.

As always, Miguel does everything with style. The 6 iron from 150 is a little weak for a professional, but I’m sure there was wind in his face based on the type of shot he hit. Great shots are great shots no matter what club you use. For his efforts Miguel receives 288 bottles of beer. Huh? The number represents par for the week. You think he and his pals went through them all last night? That is entirely possible.

More Men Have Walked On The Moon

Back stateside Colt Knost found himself on the wrong side of the cut line on Friday afternoon at Quail Hollow. He needed to birdie the last three holes to assure himself of a weekend spot. The closing 3 holes at Quail Hollow are some of the hardest on the tour and they’re known to all as the Green Mile. Knost made par at the difficult 16th hole and things looked bleak. Then this happened at the man-sized par three 17th hole:

Knost said the 3 iron he hit at 17 was pure, but he still needed a bit of luck to make the ace. A few whiffed high fives later and Knost had to collect himself and think of how he’d make a birdie on 18 to make the cut. Somehow he managed to do just that. The PGA Tour announced later that some 5,250+ rounds have been played in the Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow since the event started, and not one player had ever completed the Green Mile in 3 under par. Wow. Not a bad time to do it.

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2 Responses to Aces Wild On Friday

  1. Billy Batts says:

    Maybe I just had one to many beers yesterday but it sure sounded like Faldo (when interviewing McElroy with Nantz) said ” Jordan Spieth fellated the field at the Masters”….I thought he meant to say filleted…Did anyone catch that?

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