Amanda Boyd And Her Dog, Tiger’s Letter, And DJ’s Bomb Plus Other Random Hump Day Musings

Do You Know Amanda Boyd? 

Yeah, you do. She’s the former Amanda Dufner and she’s resurfaced since the Dufner divorce with her dog….oh, and she’s wearing a bikini. Seems to me she’s trolling Duf-daddy a bit, but at least we get to see it.

Regarding the dog’s tail, doesn’t it look like he’s taking a shit on her? So she got $2.5M and the dog. Maybe Jason wanted it that way.

I’m sure the dipped one will be fine. Hey, maybe he and Lindsey Vonn will get together and lick each other’s wounds. Speaking of Ms. Vonn….

Tiger Was A St St Stuttering Child

Former LPGA player Sophie Gustafson has a severe stuttering problem. Along her golfing journey she became a mentor to a boy who also had this problem, perhaps even worse than she does. The boy, Dillon, had become a victim of bullying because of his impediment. Bullying led to him having self esteem issues and he became suicidal. His mother contacted Gustafson for additional help and Sophie decided to reach out to the one and only Tiger Woods for some assistance. Tiger wrote the boy the following note:

“Dear Dillon,

Someone told me that you like watching me play golf. I really appreciate that, and I also want to say how proud I am of you. I know what it’s like to be different and to sometimes not fit in. I also stuttered as a child and I would talk to my dog and he would sit there and listen until he fell asleep. I also took a class for two years to help me, and I finally learned to stop. I was younger than most of the kids I competed against and often I was the only minority player in the field. But, I didn’t let that stop me, and I think it’s even inspired me to work harder. I know you can do that too. You have a great family, and big fans like me on your side. Be well and keep fighting. I’m certain you’ll be great at anything you do.”

Who knew Tiger had kindness like that in him? And I wasn’t aware that TW had a stuttering problem. Is that public knowledge before today? I guess I’m not shocked by it. His dad probably scared him in to stuttering with all that green beret shit he pulled on Tiger as a kid.

As for Dillon, the letter from Woods was well received. His parents think he’s turned the corner and after he recovers from a recent suicide attempt he plans to attend an event Tiger plays. Good for him. Nice job Tiger.

Trick Shot DJ

Dustin Johnson was home in Myrtle Beach today having a little fun with the Bryan Brothers. If you don’t know who they are, they’re like circus performers of golf. In other words, they are some of the most entertaining trick shot golfers you’ll ever see. You can check out their site here. The Bryan boys met up with DJ and tried to have him hit a ball they lofted in the air over some wide body of water. Their attempt at entertainment was somewhat successful.

In my opinion, whatever I just watched was boring as fuck. I expected more. Dustin is a good athlete. They should have lobbed a ball to him for a dunk, then had him pick up a driver and do something like that. Whatever.

Speaking of DJ, Paulina was back in a bikini in public for the first time since she birthed his child.

HERE COMES PAULINA…she’s been working towards new bikini pics for a couple months

Golf news was slow today, but I’m guessing if you made it this far in the post you already know that.

Worst Kept Secret In Golf

The Masters Tournament has a lottery that you can win to get tickets, but you probably already knew that. Seems as though everyone knows that. Earlier this week the Men of the Masters opened up 2016 applications for said lottery. If you can’t figure out how to get into the lottery, I’m not going to help you at this point because the less applicants the better for my odds.

Ok, fine. Just go to and click where it tells you to and you’ll figure it out. What I found interesting was all the Twitter nerds who called the exercise of the application ‘pointless’. Really? I took me 16 seconds and 5 clicks to apply. Yes, your odds are not what they used to be when the process was done by snail mail and paper, but you can’t win tickets if you don’t apply. I got them in 2011, via the old system, you gotta have hope.

Oregon Bound

The USGA announced future U.S. Am sites today during coverage of the Women’s 4 Ball on Fox1. The USWA4Ball was being played at Bandon Dunes so it was only fitting that the USGA’s announcement involved another USGA Championship coming back to the Pacific Northwest. The 2020 Am will be played on the Bandon Trails course with the Old MacDonald course also being used in the stroke play qualifying portion of the event.

A U.S. Am assignment to a course is often a trial run for the U.S. Open coming a few years later. Now don’t get too excited all you crazy Oregonians. I don’t think that is going to happen in this case. From what I understand, Bandon doesn’t have the infrastructure to host the hoards of people that would attend a major championship. I’ve been wrong before, but I like my odds on this one. Oh, the USGA also announced that the 2019 men’s USAm would be hosted by Pinehurst.


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