Keegan’s Cat Fight!

0 And 3 Can Make You Moody

There was much chatter on Friday morning at the WGC Match Play about the matches featuring 0 and 2 players facing each other. The discussions centered around things like, “would the matches matter” and “would the players care”?  I questioned this in my Wednesday post as well. What is your motivation to play the match as best you can if you’re eliminated before you tee off? World Ranking points? Fed Ex points? Nah. But playing a guy you’ve got beef with? Now you’ve got something. And that’s exactly what made the Miguel Jimenez/Keegan Bradley match so much fun on Friday.

On the 13th hole, the Mechanic’s ball came to rest near a fence and he got a ruling. Whatever happened there, Keegan didn’t think much of the way Miguel handled himself. Then on the 18th, with Bradley 1 down, Keegan needed a ruling to get relief from a temporary structure. That allowed him to drop on the cart path, which meant he needed another ruling/drop. Miguel comes from 40 yards ahead of Bradley and decides at this point to come back and interject into Bradley’s rulings.

Jimenez says he came just to remind Bradley to take the two club lengths he gets. That isn’t what it looked like to me. Bradley’s caddie, Steve “Pepsi” Hale, thought the same and tried to get Miguel to mind his own business. With an official there on the scene, Pepsi was probably right, but then again part of the caddie code of SHOW UP, KEEP UP, AND SHUT UP was violated by him asking Miguel to do anything. Jimenez didn’t like Pepsi’s response, and then shit hit the fan.

What Keegan did there crossed the line. Pepsi was wrong, then Miguel telling him to shut up was worse, and Keegan made it nuclear by getting in Jimenez’s face. They all had the chance to quash it on 18 after Bradley lost the match, but it didn’t go down that way.

Another stern talk, another stare down, and then Pepsi goes for the Lebron no hand shake walk off. Oh boy! If this hadn’t happened during Happy Hour on Friday, Twitter might have exploded. While I think Bradley had every right to step in and address what Miguel was doing and what he said to his caddie, the way he did it was stupid. It wasn’t being a gentleman and he even looked like a bit of a pussy in doing it because he got in his courtesy car with his girlfriend’s fluffy dog and drove off with no comment. Everybody was wrong, and no body wins. But hey, at least the Ryder Cup will be more interesting next year (if both players make their teams). Oh, and if I’m the USGA, I’m making damn sure that the Mechanic and Keegan are paired together for the first two days of the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay next month.

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6 Responses to Keegan’s Cat Fight!

  1. Brot says:

    Good stuff!

  2. Brot says:

    Mechanic would whoop Keegan’s ass! Don’t fuck with the Mechanic.

  3. Tee-biz says:

    I would have loved to see the Mechanic go all Bob Barker on Keegan and make him his bitch.

  4. cannuck says:

    who cares vonn is available!

  5. DTShangers says:

    I’ve heard that Pepsi is a super nice guy, but he sure comes across as a major dickhead here. Show up, keep up, shut up. Some of these caddies think they are as hot shit as the guys they work for. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but he deserves a severe spanking by the tour. I bet he’s off the bag by the end of the summer. KB is a tightly wound freak. I’ve marshaled for them before, KB spent the whole round chewing his nails between shots like a schoolgirl. Boston fan… figures.

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