Equipment Review: Nike Vapor Drivers

You Can Teach An Old Dog

For 25 months and some 400+ posts I’ve written some pretty mean things about Nike Golf. So you probably least expect me to say anything nice about $woosh’s current line of Vapor drivers. Hold on to your hats. Last week I stopped by my old home course to see my friends that now run the joint. They’re Nike whores. What I mean by that is, Nike Golf gives them all the free equipment they can handle to be on their staff, push their products, etc. The Nike whores had me come by before we teed it up so that I could spend some time demo-ing drivers on FlightScope while they laugh at my shit swings and the local rep tries to get me into a Nike stick. I showed up with plenty of dated thoughts, preconceived notions, and bad data.

I was first fitted for a driver in 2002 and I’ve held almost every ounce of data from that fitting in my head for nearly 13 years. I know what kind of ball speed I’m capable of. I know my launch angle, spin rate, etc. Therefore I began fitting myself for drivers nearly every 3 years since with these thoughts in my head and limited access to launch monitors. While the truths I taught myself in 2002 aren’t wrong, things change in your swing and the result is that you must change some specs of your equipment to compensate for it.

Within about 3 swings the rep could tell my current driver wasn’t spinning my shots enough and the ball was dropping out of the sky too quickly. To me that seemed impossible because too much spin has typically been my problem. As was such when I bought the current club. But now, with the way the club was set up (loft decreased and creating an open face) even a solid shot could create side spin and it certainly didn’t allow the ball to carry an ideal amount. I was shocked, but they had my attention, and got me to open up my narrow mind.

Everything But The Neon Swoosh

The whores and the rep started throwing drivers in my hands. Light shafts, heavy shafts, different heads, different lofts, and so on. It was fun, but frustrating, mostly because I still wasn’t swinging well. But the clubs….they’re all good. Take a look.

That’s the Vapor Speed. It’s light, with a slightly bigger head than the Vapor Pro. To my eye it sets up a bit closed, but the FlightScope numbers showed that it performed well. I felt like it launched a little high for my liking, which shouldn’t be surprising because it actually produces more spin than the other two models.

The 2nd stick is the Vapor Pro, its not much different, but does have more of a pear shaped head and I think its 20 cc smaller. Less spin according to Nike too. Rory uses it. We settled on this being the stick that got me closest to my ideal launch conditions. It had a 50g Aldila shaft in it. I took it on the course and hit it 11 times with mixed results. The bad ones were my shit swings. I hit some very solid shots in to the wind that went 285 and 275, which I don’t think I could possibly replicate with my current driver. The Pro feels great when you hit it good, and the miss hits aren’t awful either.

Lastly, this is the Vapor Flex, named for the adjustable weight you can see in the image above. I told the rep it looked like a AAA battery being put in the back. He gets that smart ass comment a lot. Poor guy. The flex gives you more adjustability, but otherwise it isn’t much different than the Pro. Nike is making some great shit. These all feel solid, they have as many shaft options as anyone else in their stock shafts, and as FlightScope and my own eyes can tell….they really perform.

I’m not bullshitting you. I don’t get paid to write stuff about clubs. No one gave me free gear. However, I didn’t end up paying for the Vapor Pro I took on the course either. It went right back in the demo bag. Why? The look. I’ve hit a few other 2015 drivers that perform equally as well. I will be putting a new one in the bag in the next few weeks, but it won’t be A Vapor model from $woosh mostly because of the neon green that is all over it. If it were solely on the bottom, I might have gotten past it. The $woosh on the top…..yuck. Sorry boys, that just isn’t for me. If you can get past that, then by all means, go get one because they’re pretty damn sweet otherwise.

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  1. I would take a sharpie to that swoosh if it was a deal killer

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