In Rory’s Honor: My Top 10 Club Tosses Of All Time

Rory’s 3 Iron Met Luca Brasi 

The world’s number 1 golfer had a rough first nine at Doral on Thursday (out in 40) but followed that up with a bunch of birdies to salvage a round of 73. You’d have thought the ugliness in his game was gone for good after that. Three birdies in your first 7 holes doesn’t scream frustration. But mix in a few bogies and a tough golf course and anyone can be broken, including Rory McIlroy. Here’s Rors hitting his 2nd shot to the par five 8th hole on Friday.

I’ve done similar, but my tosses don’t set the Twitter world ablaze with memes and snark. McIlroy went on to bogey the hole and shoot 70 with no 3 iron for the final 10 holes. He told the media after his round that playing companion Henrik Stenson suggested that he might not make SportsCenter for his play, but will for that toss.

The Top 10

In honor of Rory’s club toss today I’m comprising a list of the best 10 equipment throws of all time. Let the fun begin:

#10 – Craig Stadler: If Tommy Bolt wasn’t the King of the Club Toss, then the Walrus is. Most of his throws from his prime aren’t on the interwebs for us to view. Thankfully, this one from a PR stunt prior to the Toshiba Classic is.

#9 – Charley Hoffman: The Players Championship is not the place I’d want to lose my mind, not with that much cash on the line. TPC Sawgrass wasn’t kind to Hoffman and he lost it. The toss was majestic.

#8 – John Daly: He’s had plenty of meltdowns, his Tin Cup moments at Bay Hill and the Australian Masters being my favorites, but not too many actual club throws. Still, the top ten chucks wouldn’t be complete without him.

# 7 – Rory McIlroy: See above, today’s helicopter toss was good, but I’m only going to give him seventh place.

#6 – Henrik Stenson: It is no coincidence that he makes the list next to Rory after playing with him today. Here’s a stellar effort from the big Swede in Dubai 4 years ago.

#5 – My own: I happened at Ruffled Feathers outside of Chicago when I played this Pete Dye shit hole one day with friends. I struck it beautifully on the range and proceeded to hit my first 4 tee shots left and out of play or in hazards. After my drop on the 4th hole I hooked a 3 wood into the hazard as well and lost my shit. I meant to chuck my fairway metal down the dry fairway, but just like my previous shots that day, it went left about 40 feet into a nasty water hazard.

I removed my shoes, socks, and shorts and pulled my boxers up nice and snug to go in and get it. It was easy to find with the air in the grip making it bob up and down. What a stupid fuck I am. Side note, I got a grip tip from my buddy, salvaged the round, and qualified for a major state-wide tournament the next day.

#4 – Bobby Knight: Any good list of tantrums should involve the General. Be warned, the audio is NSFW.

#3 – Tiger Woods: While at the Australian Masters about a week before Elin almost killed him Tiger had one of his worst moments in loss of composure (at least some of the worst on camera).

#2 – Pat Perez: PP is well known for these kinds of outbursts, though he seems to have settled down a bit in recent years. It must run in the family because his brother had a few of his own while on Golf Channel’s Big Break years ago. Here’s Pat’s contribution to the top 10 from the Shell Houston Open of 2011.

#1 – Sergio Garcia: When you think of professional golf tantrums, only Steve “the Volcano” Pate ranks higher than Sergio. Garcia of course has spit in a hole, mutilated bunkers and tee markers, and chucked a few clubs. He takes the #1 spot thanks to this fantastic 6 iron toss in to a lake in Thailand.

That could have killed someone. Did I miss any good ones?

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