Captain Phil And Another Viral Trick Shot Video

Ted Said It Therefore It Must Be True

For some reason Ted Bishop and his thoughts keep getting attention from media types. I suppose that be me talking about him here doesn’t help to hinder this issue, but that’s a different story. Teddy talked to SI’s Golf team about future Ryder Cups. More specifically, he wanted to make public Phil Mickelson’s desire to be a captain. No shit, FIGJAM thinks he could do the job? That’s news to Tom Watson. But according to Ted, Phil wants the job when the matches come to Bethpage Black on Long Island.

I discussed this topic briefly in 2013 (scroll down) when the Black Course was announced as the home of the 2024 matches. Keegan was already politicking for Bitch Tits then too. Now Bishop essentially confirms Phil’s desires with this quote, which stems from his chat with Phil during a practice round at the 2010 matches.

“On the 18th fairway, totally out of the blue, Phil says, ‘I’ll tell you what would be a great Ryder Cup venue: Bethpage Black. And I want to be the captain there.’ In conversations I’ve had with Phil since then, he has repeated as much,” Bishop said. “He has been lobbying behind the scenes for the job ever since, and I have no reason to believe that he won’t get it.”

Ted also laid out the captains for 2018 (Couples in Paris), 2020 (Stricker at Kohler), and 2022 (Furyk). I don’t think he’s giving away state secrets here. These names have been on the tips of most peoples tongues for their given years for some time. Couples in Paris is the only one I wouldn’t say is 90% or better. So why is it news and why does anyone think the disgraced former PGA president has any say in such matters? Thanks for stopping by, Ted, now go away for good.

Dude Perfect Is Not A Gay Porn Production Company

Well, it could be….I don’t research those types of things unless I’m doing a Martin Kaymer post. Anyway, on Monday the dudes at Dude Perfect (a bro media group that loves trick shot videos) hung out with Long Drive Champ Jamie Sadlowski at Callaway Golf to make…….ahhhhh, you guessed it – another trick shot video. The result is a bit ‘in your face’ for my liking, but entertaining nonetheless.

The idea is great, but the result doesn’t do much for me. I liked the part where we get to see Jamie blast balls through things (milk being the best), but the jet skis, aircraft carrier, and 3 point shot seemed much too unnatural. If you have the budget and right equipment you can pull off almost anything. Creativity with these things it what makes them cool. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10. I think they could do more with less. Dazzle me next time fellas.

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