Hot Take Coming! Tiger Is Taking His Balls And Staying Home

See You In AugustaOrlando

Tiger Fucking Woods announced today that he’ll be taking a leave of absence from the tour, but you already knew that. His plan is to fix his game and return to the tour when he feels like he’s ready to compete and win again. Great. He also said his back is fine. So does that information put together mean he was full of shit when he WD’d in San Diego last week? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Outside of being a liar and making excuses, this seems like the right move for Tiger. If he truly rededicates himself and comes back a changed player then we’ll all be better off for it. Due to his injury last year and the subsequent surgery, he only had about 2 months with his new swing to try to complete the change. Have you ever played after a lesson? It doesn’t take over night. When Nick Faldo made drastic swing changes in the 80s he took a whole season off to perfect them. That’s probably over the top and Tiger doesn’t need that kind of time. What’s amazing is he thought he could get back to his old form while making this change and getting reps in events. His ego isn’t tiny.

He would have next played at the Honda Classic if he’d stuck to his normal schedule. He didn’t rule out playing in Palm Beach in two weeks, but I’d bet against it. You know damn well he’s not missing the Masters, so I suspect we’ll see him at Bay Hill. The Masters is what this is really all about. He’s going to pull out all the stops to be ready for it.

So what if he doesn’t come back? Then I’ll blame Lindsey Vonn. His heffer girlfriend has to be the fault. Tiger, rid yourself of the hoofed one and go the way of Rory. No distractions, use your weeks off to see your kids, and stop hanging out as the only brown guy at ski races.

Don’t kid yourself. He’ll be back because he’ll eventually think he is ready. His ego is too big for him to go the Anthony Kim route.

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5 Responses to Hot Take Coming! Tiger Is Taking His Balls And Staying Home

  1. Craig says:

    Vonn’s a bit thick in the legs, but I don’t understand the hate, she’s hardly the worst looking woman in the world. But I’m gay so what do I know. As for Tiger, whatever, he’s just making shit up as he goes along now, amateur golfers have a whole new grab-bag of lame excuses (I’m in between release patterns, my gluts just ain’t firing today).

  2. Craig says:

    Glad to see you can take it as well as hand it out!

  3. Brotkopf says:

    Possible the rumored PED usage by Tiger is taking a toll on his body?

  4. YT says:

    I fail to see what Eldrick sees in her. When I look at that pic, I think he should do the red bull chick on the left instead.

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