Hump Day Musings: Clambake Edition

If All Of Us Could Be So Lucky

It is of course the week of the great Crosby Clambake, which means Pebble Porn is broadcast in all forms of media to us jealous snow covered golfers held captive by winter. I’ll watch just to drool, I’ll read tweets just to feel warm, but I’ll skip the hullabaloo of Saturday’s mud-butt broadcast on CBS. Who needs that clown show? The rest of the week is gold, especially when you get priceless images like this one provided by Pat Perez today.

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Seems Mr. Perez went over to Cypress Point to play with Colt Knost. That’s a major perk of being a tour pro. Now you ask, why would they go play down the road at a course that isn’t in the Clambake rota? P2 said it best:

Cypress is one of the most private tracks in the world. I know people who have played Augusta, Pine Valley, Chicago Golf Club, etc., but I don’t know a soul that has played Cypress. I think Pat and Colt have the right idea.

Is It The Butter-Face Edition?

News broke Monday that Rory McIlroy’s ex-fiance is featured in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue. Say what? How much did she pay to get put in? I shared my immediate thoughts on Twitter:

If you read my drivel often you know I’m not a fan. You also likely know that when I’m wrong I’ll admit it. Would I have put her in the issue? Of course not. But she does have the goods to pull off such a pictorial. However, she’s probably airbrushed beyond anything you’d recognize if she took off all her clothes in front of you in plain daylight sans makeup.


Now lets call this what it really is. It’s “hey Rory, look at me. 5 million dudes around the world are going to see this pictures of me and have a fappening. Fuck you”.

From the shoulders down she’s a 12 in a hand of black jack, meaning you should probably hit it.

Trophy Drop At The Farmers

This time Ted Bishop had nothing to do with it. Because of the 2 hole playoff that concluded the Farmers Insurance Open on Sunday, television coverage cut away before we saw the actual trophy presentation. That’s a shame because it was one of the more stylish trophy deliveries you’ll ever see. Here’s the clip:

Obviously the whole thing was cock-blocked with the tournament ending at 16 instead of 18, but still cool. Or do you think it was too much? I don’t think Jason Day cared half as much as his kid did. Also, I can’t figure out what the motivation was to do this.

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