Greene Dick’s Glorious Ace

Well, That Is His Name In The Phone Book

Do they still make phone books? They do, but only for people to stand on. That’s a post for another day. This one is about golf professional Richard Greene and his shot that will surely be a candidate for Shot of the Year. Yes its only February and it came in a pro-am, but come on, this albatross was amazing:

I contend that a gremlin or demon of some sort tossed it from the bunker and on to the green, but those on the scene say it caromed of the rake to take that dramatic right turn. Great shot. What fun. My favorite part? The fact that Greene is pulling his clubs instead their being a caddie involved.

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1 Response to Greene Dick’s Glorious Ace

  1. Bixy says:

    This is in my home town. Didn’t get to it this year but it is such a spectator friendly event (free entry always helps) on a sensational track. They also play the womens event concurrently and alternate groups between mens and womens, which is absolutely brilliant, you can watch the leaders of two event virtually at the same time.

    And yes it is funny watching pros drag clubs around. Kind of feel like offering one if they want a looper for free.

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