Happy Hour Thoughts With John Peterson

Aces Wild

If you’re a die hard professional golf fan with a pulse you’re well aware that the Euro Tour is in Abu Dhabi this week and Martin Kaymer is looking like the same guy that won the U.S. Open last year. Through 36 holes Martin is -13. Rory is 2 back. I know I’ll be up early the next two days to watch these two 2014 major champs battle. But that’s the boring part of the tournament. The fun part is that Tom Lewis, Miguel Jimenez, and Rory McIlroy have all had aces thus far in the event. WEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Lewis got a new car for his efforts. Jimenez did a little jig and there’s video evidence of it. Those were both yesterday. I’d really like to see MJ’s bar tab from Thursday.

I used to not like the Mechanic, I probably still won’t if he’s ever involved in the Ryder Cup again, but the fucker has completely won me over. He loves life. Daddy wants to party with him.

Today Rory joined the party, at the 15th hole, with a nine iron from 177 yards.

Rory’s is his first as a professional, but 10th of his life. A lot of people were taken back by that nugget of information, but the reality of it is that hole-in- ones don’t grow on trees no matter how good you are.

Texas Tweet’in

Twenty-five year old PGA Tour member John Peterson, the LSU Tiger from Texas, is playing this week in the Sony Open in Hawaii. You may remember John from contending at the 2012 U.S. Open and making a hole-in-one of his own. Today before he teed off in Oahu he took to Twitter and invited his followers to ask anything and everything. I had some time on my hands and went nuts. For the Twit-illiterates the following summary is provided:

It got better…

And why not go here?

The door was open, so I asked…

Someone asked him Lindsey Vonn or Paulina Gretzky:

If we’re going down that road, we might as well go here too.

Hey, I tried. And I don’t blame him for that. Perhaps his grandma or even Tim Finchem follows him and he didn’t want to get fined.

After that I asked him some techie stuff about the new Titleist drivers, to which he obliged. Then I assume he had to get to the range before his round because he never answered this one:

It was fun while it lasted. Big thanks to John for entertaining me while I was ready to give up on doing anything productive at work this week. He was a good sport. And he gained a fan in me and probably several more of my followers.

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