New Year’s Eve Nuptials For Pendley & Perez

Making It Official

I first told you about Ashley Pendley in this version of Hot Or Not featuring PGA Tour wives a year and a half ago. Then, nearly a year ago Pat popped the question and asked her to grow old with him. This decision apparently agreed with him as Pat played some of the best golf of his career in early 2014. If you follow Pat on Twitter, you know he likes to have a good time. So why wouldn’t he schedule the Pendley-Perez nuptials for New Year’s Eve?

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Yes, that’s a bearded Jason Gore in the background, he of 2004 U.S. Open fame and the guy that shot 59 on the Tour when it was called something else. Someone should tell Pat he has some type of vermin attached to the back of his head, or is that a mullet? Congrats to the happy couple….oh wait…. you want more of Mrs. Perez? Sure, why not?

She looks like fun and that’s a great rack.

Pat, you motor boatin’ son-of-a-bitch, you old sailor.


What a way to ring in the new year. I’d send them a gift, but I can’t find where they’re registered. Ehhh….they can consider my ogling of her in this post their gift. Congrats again!


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