The Best Golf Moment Of 2014

So Many Lists, So Little Time

Christmas is over, and I gained weight. This also means the year is coming to an end and every dick with a golf blog has a list that is the best this or worst that of 2014. Fuck that noise. Who’s got time to read all that? I’ve already given you my year end awards for the golf season in the Shutters. What is done is done. Today I’m simply going to reflect on the best single moment for golf in 2014.

The majors and other big events are what golf fans really care about. Winning the HSBC or the John Deere by hitting some phenomenal shot is fantastic, but that goes back to the whole tree falling in the woods argument. Ignoring these types of events leaves us with 4 majors and the Ryder Cup to over analyze and pull our memories of the year from.

At Augusta, Bubba stole any drama that we could have had on the back nine by playing the most boring version of Bubba golf we could have ever imagined. The open at Pinehurst? Kaymer killed it, won by a million, and the only memory that lingers is that of Erik Compton overcoming his physical ailments to finish 2nd. The Open Championship? Rory in a boatrace. There was plenty of greatness, but no true memorable moments unless you’re thinking about his embrace after he won with his mother.

And the Ryder Cup? Nada. Blowouts in team matches are hardly memorable. That leaves us with the step child of all majors/golf events, the fucking PGA Championship. No, not the whole thing, just that last few hours on Sunday evening.

Johnny Drama

You didn’t forget this one already, did you? No, no way. A rain delay put the field up against pending darkness. Rory battled back from down 3 to take the lead back from the Furyk, Fowler, and FIGJAM pack that dared to challenge him. The whole scene was reminiscent of the Striped One and how he used to do it. McIlroy didn’t have his A-game. Then capitalized on a great break to make eagle at 10 and kept his food on the gas.

With sun light gone he then had the balls to ask Phil and Rickie playing in front of him on 18 if his group could play up. You’ll never see that again in your life. It was a rushed decision that nearly backfired as Rory’s ball flew toward the hazard off the tee. Yet once that shot found dry land, the championship was virtually his. But the drama didn’t end when the final putt fell in the 72nd hole. No, then the PGA President, a.k.a. the biggest boob on the earth – Ted Bishop, fumbled the trophy to McIlroy until the champion snagged the lid before it crashed to the ground.

That, with one gigantic fucking bow wrapped around it, was golf’s moment of the year. Everything leading up to it was pregame. And everything after it was a disappointment. Excitement, dominance, excellence, theatrics, bizarre decisions, and random buffoonery….what else could you ask for? The last few hours of the PGA Championship should be everyone’s favorite golf moment of 2014.

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