Site News: Moving Is A Bitch

Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Perhaps you’ve felt the stress in my posts over the last two months. If not, you probably just think I’m a cranky dick. In September while golfing in Wisconsin (see course reviews) I accepted a new job that would move my family about 250 miles away from the major metro area we’ve lived in for 8 years. The good news is, the cost of living is less, the pay is good, and the job is the next step in my career. The bad news is, I bought my previous home in 2007 so you can only imagine the bath I’ve taken in selling it. I’ve also been living in a hotel for much of the past 5 weeks.

Still, the fucker sold in about a month, and I’m moving as I type this. I’ll update the ‘about’ section of this site to someday reflect that. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve lived in the Chicago area for the eternity of this site. The Windy City has been good to me and it will be missed. It is an incredible golf town. Our house there was the first I owned and the one Mrs. ShutFace and I brought our first born home to. It will also be missed.

As of today, that sale is final. While I’ll be homeless for 2 days, I’ll also be getting some golf in over the weekend. And if this shit wasn’t stressful enough….what was left behind intentionally by our movers has been stuffed into our two cars. They were full of our shit and ready to go. The plan was simple: leave the house, go to the close and sign shit, grab the kid from school, and get out of dodge. Nope. My SUV’s starter died. And now I’m typing this from a repair shop it was towed to while they fix it and I wait to hit the road. Life isn’t easy. But fuck it. Onward and upward.

So do me a favor while I’m on the run for a few days. Watch the golf, and tell me what happened. I might not get to a TV in time to see what Fox Sports does to bastardize our wonderful game.

Good bye, Illinois. It’s been real.

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4 Responses to Site News: Moving Is A Bitch

  1. says:

    You have my deepest sympathy on your move. I love my house but I hate to move period. Can’t wait until your back in the groove. Would like to hear your take on Monty’s comments on Rory vs Tiger. What a hoot! Good luck to you and the misses on the move and unpack.

  2. DTShangers says:

    So is that an actual fuzzy pic of Mr. Shutface himself?

  3. shutfacegolf says:

    Did you really think I was that old, DT?

    I showed you guys what I look like, $1,000,000 smile and all…

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