Como Se Llama, Tiger Is Back: Hump Day Musings

Tiger 4.0

Last week Tiger announced to the golf world that he was working with Chris Como as his new swing coach. This week at Tiger’s tournament, he’s now unveiled the swing that he and Como are working on, or should I say, working to get back to. It seems as though Tiger Woods is finally ready to listen to the public opinion that has been screaming for years for him to return to the move that won him 6 majors before he turned 26. Como isn’t teaching Tiger anything, he’s simply being used as a mirror or a sounding board. Tiger (with a whisper in his ear from Notah Begay) is the one that decided he needed to find his old swing. Look at the thing, it was perfection.

What Como does is give him the feed back he needs to hear on how he’s progressing, what it looks like, and be more of a swing cop than a coach. He and Tiger have even dug old VHS tapes out of Momma Woods’ basement to look at Tiger’s swing form the early 1990s. Who doesn’t want to see themselves rocking a bad ass La Mode shirt with a Ping Eye 2 in their hands?

What does any of this mean? We’ll find out over the weekend, to an extent. I don’t expect much from TW’s performance, but I’ll be looking to see if the new/old swing holds up in tournament play. Golfers tend to go back to programmed or learned muscle memory under stress. It takes a lot of reps to wipe that old move from the vault. Of course, Tiger is a freak and can do it faster and better than most. he’s already done so 3 times prior. For now, it looks like this:

You can see the longer swing and how much further he gets his hands away from his body in just a few swings. I think that will serve him well. The issue he’ll have is that he’ll never have the agility, flexibility, and lean muscle that he had circa 2000 to fully replicate that swing and get the same results.

The rest of what TW said today at his presser went something like this……”blah blah blah explosion, blah blah blah reps, blah blah blah compete, blah blah blah tournament”. The end. You didn’t miss anything.

Punxsutawney Phil

Phil Mickelson made a bit of news himself on Wednesday. First, he made it known that he plans on playing in the Bob Hope (I will not call it the Humana today) to start his 2015 PGA Tour season. To me that is almost like the groundhog coming out of his hole to either see or not see his shadow and let us know the season is/isn’t changing. Once Phil or TW tees it up, the pro golf season has begun. It also means that Bitch Tits will have a full week of reps that Tiger doesn’t when both of them (likely) peg it at Torrey Pines the following week.

Lefty said he’s been dieting and working out and is all jacked up to start the season (snooze). Do any of these guys come out and say they’ve been eating Fritos topped with chili cheese all fall while watching football and gained 24 pounds of lard? In other Mickelson news, Phil’s less talented brother, Tim (who is the golf coach at Arizona State) qualified for the U.S. Four Ball championship by shooting a team 63 to win the qualifier at Poppy Hills. I can’t imagine how much fun an All-Mickelson Nassau match would be with Phil and his brother.

Kaymer Doesn’t Know What To Do With It

The golf world got a bit of a shake up this week in the WAG department when rumors began circling that Sky Sports host Kirsty Gallacher was dating U.S. Open champion Martin Kaymer. Ummmm……yeah, sure… Gallacher is hot as hell and has even been named a ShutFaceGolf WAG of the Month this year (June). She’s also Euro Ryder Cupper Stephen Gallacher’s cousin. Stephen is apparently the person who introduced Martin and Kirsty.

Martin Kaymer is reportedly dating Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher

The reports go on to specify that Gallacher has gone through a rough divorce this year and Martin and she are just starting to date and flirt. In high school terms that means he’s felt her up and made his finger stink. In Kaymer’s world, that means they go shopping, get pedicures, and do Pilates together. Hey, doesn’t every girl need a gay friend to talk to when they’re getting divorced? In case you missed the memo, Martin Kaymer isn’t into women. I don’t believe the tabloids and I’d bet the ranch Martin isn’t fucking her. On the other hand, perhaps she’s hot enough to turn him.

WAG Of The Month

You may have noticed that I didn’t crown a new Wag of the Month for December. It isn’t that I’m tardy in addressing this issue, but more so the lack of November talent we have to choose from to pick a worthy WAG. No body won in November that has a WAG worth looking at. Plus, we just named Alexis the WAG of the Year. Therefore, I simply changed the banner to honor her accomplishment for one more month.

I promise we’ll hit the ground running again in January unless you’re ready to move on to some other fun add on in that space. I’m open to ideas, but I’m not feeling that creative at the moment.

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  2. Q says:

    hahaha great read!

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