I’m Confused, Please Help Me!!!

Red Carpet Special

The LPGA ends their season with a bang. They have a Tour Championship, just like the men, but before the fun of the tournament starts they have an awards dinner. This is probably a marketing ploy so that they can sell their stars as sex symbols to an extent for once and not be judged. It gives the ladies a chance to look fancy in public as they get all dolled up for the evening. Normally what you see at this event is a bunch of women out of their element and bad tan lines screaming out from under their ensembles. I normally don’t give the whole deal a second look, but then this picture of Michelle Wie came across my screen.

Michelle is now all grown up. I’m still not a fan, but she’s working something here and a lot of men and their penises have noticed. So as BustedCoverage.com (friend of SFG) likes to ask….”how many beers?”

We haven’t gone down this road in some time and I felt like the site needed to get back to what it does best. So what’s your number? I’ll go with 4 tequila shots, 1 Long Island Ice Tea, and 7 domestic beers just to make sure I’m still drunk when I wake up from this debacle. Hit the poll or the comments to give your answers. Be completely honest, I won’t judge you.

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